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Pictures taken on 10/02/10

id: 29708
You know you've got a serious bunch of geeks when they show up with a bag full of board games
id: 29709
Ben (Endorphion) and Dani (Sierra) claim the couch
id: 29710
Dani and Kate sitting around
id: 29711
Brian (Skie) gets ready for a game of Cash n Guns
id: 29712
Topaz hands me my weapon
id: 29713
Brian.. I don't think that's how you use it
id: 29714
Dani's excited
id: 29715
Checking the rules
id: 29716
Caught off guard in a first person shooter photo
id: 29717
Being shot makes Brian sad
id: 29718
I played as Huggy.. apparently
id: 29719
The game involves pointing guns at each other!
id: 29720
The money on the line
id: 29721
Topaz foolishly chose to challenge himself
id: 29722
Ben and Dani are ready to rock
id: 29723
Another game, another dollars
id: 29724
Who's that red head who's joined our game?
id: 29725
It's Nicole and Chris, who just arrived at the party?
id: 29726
Dani borrows a move from Tien and unleashes a Solar Flare!
id: 29727
This picture will come in handy when Topaz is a billionaire
id: 29728
Huggy is serious business
id: 29729
I surrender!
id: 29730
Chris looks over his cards
id: 29731
Kate plays in another game group in the next room
id: 29732
Guns n Cash continues
id: 29733
Is no one safe?
id: 29734
What's going on in this room?
id: 29735
Standing around..
id: 29736
Joel ( Hade)
id: 29737
Don't you point that thing at me
id: 29738
Hi Nicole
id: 29739
Live wallpapers are fun
id: 29740
No, cameras don't make Kate act awkward, why do you ask?
id: 29741
Hi Brian
id: 29742
Project 365 picture!
id: 29743
Goofy project 365 picture!
id: 29744
Signing? Or just waving?
id: 29745
Waiting to start a new game
id: 29746
DS Fat? Brian, you need to get with the times!
id: 29747
I shared the couch with Chris and Nicole
id: 29748
The way this game works is to write a phrase that meets the card. People then guess who wrote what
id: 29749
Explaining the rules
id: 29750
id: 29751
My table was a Metal Gear Solid box!
id: 29752
Not sure what Topaz's deal is here..
id: 29753
Signing rules to Dani
id: 29754
Talking about a fish Ben caught?
id: 29755
Kate spotted a ghost in the corner
id: 29756
Gathering peoples' responses
id: 29757
Kate's got a snazzy chair
id: 29758
Nicole was really good at this for someone who supposedly hadn't met anyone in the room before
id: 29759
Pizza is good
id: 29760
Suzi strikes the
id: 29761
Brian like pizza
id: 29762
Nicole draws on her knee
id: 29763
Playing Out of Context!
id: 29764
id: 29765
Aww, Ben and Dani on the couch
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