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Pictures taken on 10/03/10

id: 29766
Waking up on the couch the next morning
id: 29767
Geeks that we are, the internet is never far away
id: 29768
French toast!
id: 29769
Yeah toast!!
id: 29770
A nice Sunday morning
id: 29771
John Sheffer was in the squad hall when we stopped by to check out a networking job
id: 29772
Topaz inspects the wiring
id: 29773
Spiffy hat (note the bottle opener)
id: 29774
Who you gonna call?
id: 29775
Eden has some big rescue vehicles
id: 29776
Though it is smaller than an airplane
id: 29777
I bet this thing is loud
id: 29778
Eden to the rescue
id: 29779
Oh that's good to know
id: 29780
The interior's pretty cool, but I didn't feel like going through all the compartments
id: 29781
Oxygen cannisters!
id: 29782
id: 29783
I'm not allowed to notice unauthorized people?
id: 29784
The squad hall has this framed piece of the World Trade Center steel
id: 29785
A piece of history, if a sad piece
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