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Pictures taken on 10/06/10

id: 29791
The Platform team went out to lunch to welcome Beager to the team
id: 29792
Topaz, Beager, Dipak, Jeff, Steve
id: 29793
Steve looks like that guy in Prototype
id: 29794
Shawn mocks the weather gods
id: 29795
Shawn, Matt, and Joe
id: 29796
Our destination awaits
id: 29797
Joe gives me a look as we cross the street
id: 29798
Brawler's Deli!
id: 29799
Steve looks for the menu
id: 29800
Air quotes?
id: 29801
Waiting to order
id: 29802
The Barrel sounds disgusting!
id: 29803
Matt and Shawn sitting at the table
id: 29804
It was a nice place
id: 29805
Jeff looks at the seats
id: 29806
Beager, the guest of honor, arrives at the table
id: 29807
Topaz is just trying to hold on until his pile meat arrives
id: 29808
Extra chairs?
id: 29809
Carlo and Beager joke about something
id: 29810
(Most of) the Platform team!
id: 29811
Joe's always making a goofy face when I take his picture
id: 29812
Waiting for food
id: 29813
What's Beager doing down there?
id: 29814
What the hell is this thing?
id: 29815
Dipak and Carlo
id: 29816
Looking down the table
id: 29817
Shawn listens to.. someone
id: 29818
Dipak talking about something
id: 29819
Topaz's sandwich was monstrous
id: 29820
A good way to start off the afternoon
id: 29821
Jeff's sandwich was pretty big too
id: 29822
Heading back to Synacor
id: 29823
There are a lot of interesting clouds in Buffalo
id: 29824
Ominous clouds ahead
id: 29825
More clouds
id: 29826
Looking out towards the lake
id: 29827
I bought a giant whiteboard! Well, whiteboard-like substance
id: 29828
Buzz approves
id: 29829
Topaz explains some of Lyaria's systems while Buzz listens attentively
id: 29830
Buzz tires quickly of math
id: 29831
Bell curve!
id: 29832
id: 29833
Topaz's beard is approaching professor level anyway
id: 29834
Buzz is being bad
id: 29835
He went running once I sprayed him
id: 29836
Neil always looks slightly shocked
id: 29837
Buzz dares me to push him off my chair
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