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Pictures taken on 10/09/10

id: 29842
Waiting in vain for my taxi to pick me up outside of work. I ended up running it
id: 29843
Lucky terminal 13
id: 29844
The bus station
id: 29845
This is where they drop you off, dazed and disoriented, in the morning
id: 29846
30th Street Station!
id: 29847
See? I told you
id: 29848
Ah Boltbus. I know you well
id: 29849
Someone took a slice off this building
id: 29850
Waiting for Bryce
id: 29851
Driving out of the city
id: 29852
The zoo balloon!
id: 29853
Lots of nice trees out here
id: 29854
Bryce had a great idea: IHOP!
id: 29855
Bryce loves IHOP
id: 29856
It was pretty busy, but you can't really tell from this corner of the restaurant
id: 29857
Bryce stayed perfectly still.. then looked forward, making a weird double exposure effect
id: 29858
Pepper loves her new toy
id: 29859
She can't wait to play with it
id: 29860
Alicia and her friends
id: 29861
I saw Sue for the first time since leaving Baldwin!
id: 29862
What's up, Bryce?
id: 29863
I was going to delete this one, but Alicia thought it was funny
id: 29864
Alicia hanging out on the couch
id: 29865
Alicia's dad snags some snacks
id: 29866
This is the pre-party, by the way
id: 29867
Hanging around on Bryce's comfy couch
id: 29868
The best man revealed at last! Colin!
id: 29869
Pepper had already shredded her toy. Good thing it didn't have any stuffing!
id: 29870
Getting ready to head out
id: 29871
I haven't seen Wes for a while either!
id: 29872
Bryce and his mom
id: 29873
Bryce creepily prepares for a picture with Alicia
id: 29874
Aww, the happy couple
id: 29875
I love Bryce's face here.. "Why are you still taking pictures?"
id: 29876
Picture time is over
id: 29877
Let's get out of here
id: 29878
Sweet headband, Colin
id: 29879
Playing some Smash Brothers in Alicia's basement
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