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Pictures taken on 10/22/10

id: 30265
Perl seminar, part two!
id: 30266
Spiral staircase!
id: 30267
I probably shouldn't have even come to this.. I was still really sick
id: 30268
Getting ready to learn about Perl
id: 30269
Is the projector really broken?
id: 30270
Maybe if we keep hitting the buttons..
id: 30271
Synacor bags!
id: 30272
The seminar gets underway
id: 30273
When I came back, this was how I found Steve's desk
id: 30274
Careful, Steve!
id: 30275
Beager made a Creeper papercraft!
id: 30276
The kitties love their computer-side bed
id: 30277
What's going on over there?
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