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Pictures taken on 11/11/10

id: 30832
I made the airport bus!
id: 30833
On the plane!
id: 30834
Night flights don't offer as many sight seeing opportunities, but the lights are cool!
id: 30835
I'm not sure what city this is, but it sure looks cool from the air!
id: 30836
So much light pollution
id: 30837
The exposed elevators at the Hyatt in Crystal City!
id: 30838
The neat lights on the roof
id: 30839
People signing up early to get their badges
id: 30840
This door kept breaking all weekend
id: 30841
It's only Thursday and there's already a line
id: 30842
Anime USA!
id: 30843
Is that all we are to these people? Anime Convention?
id: 30844
Our hotel room!
id: 30845
Bryce checks out the program
id: 30846
Brian and his girlfriend Kitty
id: 30847
Bryce is already tired and we haven't even started yet
id: 30848
Nice hat, Brian
id: 30849
Ready to rock!
id: 30850
Flashes are bright
id: 30851
The flash put Bryce into zombie mode
id: 30852
Bryce brought his Persona hat
id: 30853
Getting decorations set up
id: 30854
Jefferson was working Registration!
id: 30855
Brian and Alan
id: 30856
"Sign this"
id: 30857
The Anime USA mascot
id: 30858
Brian is a puffer fish
id: 30859
It's Mckeed!
id: 30860
Ah, yes, that's the Mckeed I know.
id: 30861
Looking for t-shirts
id: 30862
id: 30863
Bryce and Mckeed wait around for the Vicmobile to show up
id: 30864
Alan always makes the same face when he spots a camera
id: 30865
"Put the damn camera down and help me move the server!"
id: 30866
Waiting around in the lobby with a pile of stuff
id: 30867
Amanda carrying some stuff
id: 30868
Nice pillow, Mckeed
id: 30869
Mckeed sets up the screen
id: 30870
Getting the VAT ready
id: 30871
Alan brought juice boxes!
id: 30872
Bryce marvels over the amazing prizes we'll be giving out.. namely the ones that last year's winner didn't want
id: 30873
Vic gets the server ready
id: 30874
There's that look again!
id: 30875
Getting the VAT set up doesn't take too long
id: 30876
Rinny stopped by to say hi!
id: 30877
Joy works on some last minute alterations to her Error-chan costume
id: 30878
Hey Amanda
id: 30879
Bryce basically just wandered around
id: 30880
Vic sets up some connections in the server
id: 30881
I can never resist a closeup of a mixer
id: 30882
Mckeed and Joanna
id: 30883
Jeff plays with his trusty iPhone
id: 30884
Mckeed and Joanna investigate my G2
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