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Pictures taken on 11/13/10

id: 31021
Brian made this while sitting in the booth during AMV Hell
id: 31022
It didn't fly that well
id: 31023
I'm in the credits for AMV Hell 5!!
id: 31024
The rave next door to the VAT is always an interesting photographic subject
id: 31025
So many lights!
id: 31026
The people with glowsticks made a lot of interesting patterns
id: 31027
I realize these four pictures were more or less the same, but the shifting lights were so interesting!
id: 31028
This is actually a hula-hoop full of LEDs
id: 31029
Lights everywhere!
id: 31030
There wasn't a ton of dancing happening on the dance floor
id: 31031
This guy was flipping out
id: 31032
I only kept this one because I liked how the moving spotlight traced out a purple blob
id: 31033
Not much dancing, but lots of energy
id: 31034
id: 31035
id: 31036
Oh anime con raves.. why is there Pokemon on the screen?
id: 31037
Sudden strobe lights really lit this one up
id: 31038
The DJ seemed to be having a fun time
id: 31039
What's up next?
id: 31040
I don't know, more dancing. What od you want from me
id: 31041
Give this guy some room!
id: 31042
Dancing Obama up on the screen!
id: 31043
I told Bryce he looked like a middle school woodshop teacher. He was really an Iron Editor host
id: 31044
Artists Alley!
id: 31045
This costume struck me because normally with this type of costume the head is really oversized, but not on this one
id: 31046
Yip yip!
id: 31047
I ended up passing through the maid cafe at one point this year. It's not a bad idea!
id: 31048
Zoidberg is pretty creepy in real life
id: 31049
Female mario! Also, an illustration of how crammed the elevators get
id: 31050
A very impressive General Grevious costume
id: 31051
Call me crazy but I think this one is here for the convention
id: 31052
These cosplayers were dancing for a video out on the street
id: 31053
Wandering the streets in search of food
id: 31054
Caitlin stopped by to experience the madness first hand!
id: 31055
This year Amanda's Render-chan was joined by Joy's Error-chan
id: 31056
Bryce hosted Iron Editor again
id: 31057
Iron Editor's two mascots!
id: 31058
Render-chan always kicks Error-chan's ass in the end
id: 31059
But Error-chan will still fight back
id: 31060
Caitlin found her friends who also attend the con
id: 31061
Progressive's Flo!
id: 31062
The view from down in Artist's Alley
id: 31063
Looking down that same escalator into Artist's Alley
id: 31064
Caitlin's friends set up a table!
id: 31065
A creeper!! This is the first Minecraft cosplay I've seen in the wild
id: 31066
Midna from Twilight Princess
id: 31067
The sterile government buildings lining the streets in Crystal City make for an odd environment. It almost feels like a video game world
id: 31068
I botched the lighting on this one, but it's Sub-Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat!
id: 31069
We used to use an old Dr. Pepper box for storing ballots, but one year it was thrown away as garbage. So now we use this fancy Companion Cube
id: 31070
Waiting for burritos
id: 31071
And this is where the AUSA AMV contest results were tabulated this year! I just did it myself since there were only a few hundred ballots
id: 31072
Bryce hanging out in the hotel
id: 31073
Someone had a projector hooked up to an emulator and were playing games on the wall
id: 31074
Expensive mixers are expensive
id: 31075
Lounging around in the hotel room
id: 31076
Brian and Jeff check something out on Brian's beast of a laptop. The thing has a subwoofer..
id: 31077
Vic and Amanda
id: 31078
Bryce, Jefferson, and Joy
id: 31079
Bryce got some grinding done on Persona while we hung out
id: 31080
What's up, Jefferson?
id: 31081
Bryce checks what scene we're on as we watch AMV Hell 5 again
id: 31082
Vic and Amanda get comfy for video watching
id: 31083
Who doesn't love watching videos?
id: 31084
Bryce finally just sat with us so he could watch
id: 31085
Jefferson's staff badge
id: 31086
A closeup of Vic's infamous WoW hat
id: 31087
id: 31088
I love Amanda's backpack. It's Ryo-ohki!
id: 31089
Funny things are funny
id: 31090
Everyone's just pile onto beds
id: 31091
Jeff and Joy hang out across the room
id: 31092
I picked this up in Artist's Alley
id: 31093
And of course, the flip side
id: 31094
Who is manning the VAT?
id: 31095
I didn't even notice how reflective the window was until later
id: 31096
Omar's here!
id: 31097
Brian and Kitty
id: 31098
Omar is still eating that pizza that arrived like two days ago!!
id: 31099
Can't go wrong with pizza
id: 31100
I really like this picture of Bryce. It just came out great
id: 31101
This one's pretty good too
id: 31102
"Pizza is not a spoon!" "It can be!"
id: 31103
Amanda prepares for the nuclear demonstration
id: 31104
Omar poses with his drink
id: 31105
What is the drink, you ask?
id: 31106
Creme de mint, of all things.
id: 31107
My turn to try
id: 31108
It wasn't as bad as my face here implies, but it was strange
id: 31109
What's with the look, Joy?
id: 31110
I tried on Vic's glasses.. to horrifying effect
id: 31111
Mckeed and Joanna showed up too
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