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Pictures taken on 11/14/10

id: 31112
There were QR codes all over the place. Most were from AUSA and linked to various things online
id: 31113
I'm not sure what this crowd is gathered for, but the VAT is packed!
id: 31114
I'm back at the rave!
id: 31115
These guys were in the back on computers. Not sure why
id: 31116
Hey I know that guy
id: 31117
New DJ
id: 31118
These girls were dancing around right by the speakers
id: 31119
Omar brought cake! Amanda is super stoked, as you can see
id: 31120
I like Jeff's computer name (and avatar)
id: 31121
The real purpose of the creme de mint: to alcohol up our cake
id: 31122
The cake was a lot more moist than last year since we added the liquor at the last second
id: 31123
Oh man, what could Dr. Wily be up to?
id: 31124
Perhaps reaching out and grabbing.. da mooooon?
id: 31125
Brakus grabs his cake
id: 31126
Note that most of the people in the room are us
id: 31127
Since Bryce was showing so many Saturday morning cartoons, he brought Pop-tarts for everyone!
id: 31128
The few audience members who were there loved it
id: 31129
A glimpse into Bryce's mind.. but really the playlist for his Nostalgia Bomb panel
id: 31130
Note Sunday's hours... open 10am to 12mph?
id: 31131
By the end of the Nostalgia Bomb, there weren't a lot of people left
id: 31132
The victorious Iron Editor: Erika! Congrats!
id: 31133
We found a potato in the corner.. really.
id: 31134
Except not really! It's plastic! We placed it on the projector for the morning crew to find
id: 31135
Bryce waits around for the hotel to lock up the room
id: 31136
The infamou Bill O'Reilly clip played at the rave
id: 31137
I really like how you can see the light stick changing colors as it was moved
id: 31138
Brian and Kitty start packing up the car
id: 31139
Driving to Chili's!
id: 31140
Another anime related license plate
id: 31141
We got lunch at Chili's before Brian and Kitty hit the road
id: 31142
Time to pack up the VAT
id: 31143
How was your weekend, Jefferson?
id: 31144
Mckeed shows off his extreme balancing skills
id: 31145
Ryo-Ohki held onto the potato for us
id: 31146
Vic got a pretty spiffy vinyl figurine. It's got actual strings for the guitar!
id: 31147
We were in no huge rush to pack up
id: 31148
That handle isn't there for you to balance on, Bryce
id: 31149
Vic's had a long weekend
id: 31150
Bryce and Rinny
id: 31151
Vic is too tall
id: 31152
Omar gets an action shot from the floor?
id: 31153
Rinny thought it was pretty funny
id: 31154
Alan packs up the screen
id: 31155
Omar and I tested our cameras by using Mckeed as our subject
id: 31156
That's odd for someone who lives in Massachusetts..
id: 31157
Camera duel!
id: 31158
Ahh! The ranger!
id: 31159
I bet I could use this to clean up multicolored paint. Mario!
id: 31160
The escalators didn't have a wait time, as opposed to the elevators
id: 31161
Almost done moving out
id: 31162
We got everything piled up in the lobby until Vic got the van
id: 31163
The video server!
id: 31164
I wouldn't advise trusting that blue sticker, Amanda
id: 31165
Planning out how to get all the stuff in the van
id: 31166
So much crap!
id: 31167
Did we remember everything?
id: 31168
Mckeed is too tired
id: 31169
What's up, Alan?
id: 31170
The server seems so exposed out on the sidewalk
id: 31171
Moving speakers
id: 31172
The Companion Cube box
id: 31173
Pile all the stuff in the van!
id: 31174
Back in the hotel room for a few minutes
id: 31175
id: 31176
Heading down to the staff party
id: 31177
Mckeed's ready for some free food
id: 31178
So is Bryce
id: 31179
I really like that ceiling
id: 31180
I better not lose this!
id: 31181
I really liked the overexposed glow of Alan's camera in this one
id: 31182
Sitting around in the bar
id: 31183
Hey Alan
id: 31184
The pretzels and cheese things were really good
id: 31185
Hey guys, what's up
id: 31186
Alan let me try out his wide lens adapter
id: 31187
I like it. The vignetting could be annoying sometimes, but look, it's almost fisheyed!
id: 31188
Amanda's getting ready to do some welding
id: 31189
The whole crew gathered around the table
id: 31190
One of my favorite Proj365 pics
id: 31191
We got menus with our logo on it!
id: 31192
This is totally normal
id: 31193
We rented bikes from Capital Bikeshare! Here comes Joanna!
id: 31194
Joanna had a really fun time on the bikes. So did Jeff, Joy, and myself
id: 31195
Joy snagged the last empty slot near the hotel. Jeff had to find another dropoff point!
id: 31196
The lights of bikes rented by other AUSA staffers and guests
id: 31197
Here comes Jeff! It was so much fun
id: 31198
id: 31199
Back at the hotel, Jeff wanders around looking for a place to leave his bike
id: 31200
Amanda's not sure about his chances
id: 31201
He's back! No problem!
id: 31202
Back upstairs for the after party. And by party I mean sitting around
id: 31203
Omar demonstrates how he can stretch his hair out
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