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Pictures taken on 11/15/10

id: 31204
Putting the last of the stuff in the van
id: 31205
Walking to a diner with the only people left: Jeff, Joy, Amanda, and Vic
id: 31206
Crouching Turkey, Hidden Burger?
id: 31207
Amanda's got her Otakon staff shirt on
id: 31208
Joy uses so much sugar!
id: 31209
Amanda's crane was considerably smaller than mine
id: 31210
Hey look, Speed Racer!
id: 31211
Waiting to cross the street
id: 31212
Whatcha looking at Jeff?
id: 31213
Good ol' Hyatt
id: 31214
I really like this picture. See you guys at Alancon!
id: 31215
Yeesh, the next convention wasn't quite as much fun
id: 31216
Airport, that's where I want to go!
id: 31217
See you next year, Hyatt!
id: 31218
Another plane!
id: 31219
id: 31220
Back in Buffalo! The weekend was a blast and I made it back in one piece!
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