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Pictures taken on 12/24/10

id: 31358
Ready to go buy some last minute presents??
id: 31359
Uncle Stephen is back from Africa! Next step.. Bogata!
id: 31360
I just liked this picture because Danny is clear while everything else is blurry
id: 31361
Branagans and Christmas decorations!
id: 31362
So many snacks!
id: 31363
Hey Gragra, let's see a smile
id: 31364
There it is!
id: 31365
Greg and Aunt Danni
id: 31366
Nice tree, Uncle Michael
id: 31367
Chris and his fiancee!
id: 31368
What's up, Gragra?
id: 31369
Uncle Christ and Uncle Peter
id: 31370
Oh god, time for Yankee Swap
id: 31371
There are some pretty big packages!
id: 31372
Let's get this thing started
id: 31373
The breakout hit of this year's Yankee Swap, "Fish Head Man", aka some neat artwork that Uncle Stephen and Aunt Danni brought back from Senegal
id: 31374
Going for the big one!
id: 31375
Caitlin attempted to make a politically neutral gift with both Obama and Palin bumper stickers. Got to love the Papyrus on the Obama sticker.. I'm sure It's official
id: 31376
This was Caitlin's first Yankee Swap, but she learned quick, hiding her choice behind her. Out of sight out of mind! Unfortunately, she still lost it in the end!
id: 31377
Gotta love the awkward thing I'm doing with my hands there..
id: 31378
Aunt Teresa got me this screaming monkey. He comes with a parachute!
id: 31379
This year I posed with Santa instead of Becky!
id: 31380
I never got a picture of Aunt Diane at Colleen's wedding, so I'm making up for it now
id: 31381
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