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Pictures taken on 12/25/10

id: 31382
Watcha got there, Becky? Bacon?
id: 31383
Yeah it's bacon
id: 31384
Watcha cooking?
id: 31385
More bacon?
id: 31386
Also peppers for omelettes!
id: 31387
Hey becky
id: 31388
Ooo, present time
id: 31389
What a grump
id: 31390
In what has become a tradition since Dad lost my stocking, I get a plastic bag
id: 31391
What could be in the box?
id: 31392
Pistacchio nuts!
id: 31393
We both got some pretty handy snow brushes for our cars
id: 31394
What did Becky get Dad?
id: 31395
Some stupid real estate book he wanted! Yaay
id: 31396
Dad was pretty stoked
id: 31397
Becky opens something
id: 31398
This present is a little heavier..
id: 31399
id: 31400
It's the first two seasons of the Sopranos!
id: 31401
Becky's present was a pretty sweet sweater.. thing.
id: 31402
Becky got Dad a nice warm shirt that he wanted, but it's too big! Oh well, he'll just exchange it
id: 31403
Gragra's Christmas tree. Formally Macaroni's favorite hangout spot
id: 31404
Hey Aunt Teresa!
id: 31405
Sitting aroudn Gragra's house
id: 31406
I call this move the Gragra Slump
id: 31407
Uncle Stephen was there too
id: 31408
Gragra set a world record for slowest present opening
id: 31409
"Just open it!"
id: 31410
The suspense was killing us
id: 31411
It's a hat!
id: 31412
Also there were boots! Gragra's magic chair leaned way forward to help her put the boots on
id: 31413
And lastly, opening presents at Mom's house
id: 31414
Macaroni senses something weird is about to happen
id: 31415
Mom's Christmas tree!
id: 31416
Macaroni escapes
id: 31417
Becky checks her phone before we get started
id: 31418
Let's open stuff already!
id: 31419
Nice hat, Mom
id: 31420
What are we doing in the kitchen? This isn't where presents are
id: 31421
Macaroni is so photogenic
id: 31422
Becky hearts her phone
id: 31423
The red light district of the living room
id: 31424
Start with that big one!
id: 31425
Becky liked the ribbons
id: 31426
Mom's turn
id: 31427
Some bags or something. Mom was pretty excited
id: 31428
I got Mom Dancing with the Stars for the Wii, which was goofy but fun
id: 31429
Becky likes her new coat
id: 31430
Macaroni likes his new box
id: 31431
"Ohhh!" what could it be??
id: 31432
That's right, Mom finally has some Uggs. Becky and I got them together
id: 31433
Mom was ecstatic
id: 31434
How come I didn't get a santa hat?
id: 31435
In a lull in present time, Becky checks her phone again
id: 31436
id: 31437
Becky got a hat!
id: 31438
The first picture I took with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens! It's an ES, so I think it works out to more like 70mm when you calculate the 35mm equivalent
id: 31439
Becky poses for the new picture
id: 31440
This was the Obama "Hope" poster I had asked for!
id: 31441
I got Becky a Wii Classic Controller and Mario Kart 64!
id: 31442
She loved it
id: 31443
Pose for the new lens!
id: 31444
I got a remote control for my camera (and a photography vest!)
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