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Pictures taken on 12/31/10

id: 31466
Bryce looks so disgruntled.
id: 31467
Alicia's on the comfy couch
id: 31468
Colin in his signature headband
id: 31469
Bryce sitting around
id: 31470
I like Alicia's stemless wine glasses
id: 31471
Bryce has a real treat in store for Vic this Christmas
id: 31472
Time for some breakfast turkey bacon!
id: 31473
Mmm, biscuits
id: 31474
Bryce makes some coffee in the weird coffee thing
id: 31475
Frying eggs!
id: 31476
id: 31477
We got a lot of use out of this cheese grater this weekend
id: 31478
Coffee and eggs, this is shaping up to be one nice morning
id: 31479
Alicia is distracted by something on the stove
id: 31480
What's up Lucy?
id: 31481
Big ol' pile of eggs
id: 31482
Big ol' pile of cheese
id: 31483
Big ol' pile of Bryce
id: 31484
Breakfast is fun
id: 31485
We probably made too much cheese
id: 31486
id: 31487
Bryce loves breakfast
id: 31488
Time to play with Lucy
id: 31489
id: 31490
Lucy's flipping out!
id: 31491
Never mind, it's under control
id: 31492
Alicia is a big fan of bag time. Lucy not so much..
id: 31493
Lucy also doubles as a pillow
id: 31494
Professor Grumpy McGrumpface
id: 31495
The 50mm is a little too long for taking pictures across a table..
id: 31496
Starting the weekend off right with Kabuki!
id: 31497
What's up Omar?
id: 31498
Everyone agonizes over all the great menu choices
id: 31499
I see I'm not the only one with a DSLR here
id: 31500
Omar got something involving avocado
id: 31501
Those sizzling meals alawys make me nervous
id: 31502
Albert continues his tradition of making insane faces
id: 31503
Alan prepares to tenderize his food using his camera
id: 31504
Vic solemnly takes the floor.. but.. for what? He has no controller!
id: 31505
Oh god! It's Dance Central on the Kinect!
id: 31506
Dance, Vic, dance! Dance like you've never danced before! Which is clearly true!
id: 31507
Meanwhile, Omar and Jeff talk about some Otakon publications business
id: 31508
Jeff in the corner with somewhat ominous lighting
id: 31509
Joy is all bouncy
id: 31510
Since Joanna actually owns the Kinect, she's pretty good at Dance Central
id: 31511
On the other hand.. we have Mckeed
id: 31512
"I've no time for water, woman! I'm dancing!" OK, he never said that
id: 31513
Mckeed was a little too good at this game
id: 31514
Jefferson is enthralled by the Elements on Jeff's iPad. "I'm learning!"
id: 31515
Albert swaggers up to the.. dance zone
id: 31516
There's no room in Albert's dance routine for emotion
id: 31517
Jeff appears to be doing the Macarena
id: 31518
I declare this Jeff's new Facebook picture
id: 31519
Omar gets down with the rhythm, or something
id: 31520
Kumar had some moves!
id: 31521
Disco inferno?
id: 31522
My last Project 365 picture for 2010!
id: 31523
This is as close to an action shot as you get with Jefferson
id: 31524
Messing with the projector! Funny guyyy
id: 31525
This is the part where we stand around for ten minutes waiting for the new year in Alan's funky basement
id: 31526
According to my atomic clock watch, their clock was slow. But considering all the layers it had to go through, the lag must be considerable.
id: 31527
Mckeed and Joanna!
id: 31528
A silghtly less enthusiastic Amanda and Vic
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