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Pictures taken on 01/02/11

id: 31672
You know what the best part of this picture is?
id: 31673
This picture. Go back and forth between this and the one before.
id: 31674
Joy thinks it's getting late. Because it is.
id: 31675
What's up, Ben?
id: 31676
Mckeed wished to remain anonymous
id: 31677
Jefferson seems to dazed. It must be the power of rock
id: 31678
"You gonna take my picture?"
id: 31679
The dreaded pro keyboard! Keep it away from me!
id: 31680
Brett was having a good time
id: 31681
You can tell cause he throws his head back to rant
id: 31682
Funny stuff
id: 31683
Laura challenged Alicia to a dance off. Here she is attempting to navigate the menus
id: 31684
How do you get this stupid thing going?
id: 31685
"If I see these pictures online, I will kill you"
id: 31686
Alicia got into the moment in spite of herself
id: 31687
"This is hard!"
id: 31688
Don't fall over!
id: 31689
To be fair, it's pretty intimidating to dance like an idiot in front of all these.. idiots.
id: 31690
Go, Alicia, go!
id: 31691
Hanging out on the couch
id: 31692
Jefferson's turn to dance again
id: 31693
Alicia changed into a t-shirt for more comfortable dancing. Bryce approved of the theme
id: 31694
Round two of dancing
id: 31695
Brett wasn't a very good dancer
id: 31696
This picture came out great. Picture of the weekend.
id: 31697
I suspected what Bryce was planning when he put his arms under his shirt.. lucky for you those photos have been redacted
id: 31698
A good portrait of Brett
id: 31699
Yes, even I got in on the Dance Central action. It was a blast once you stopped caring you looked like a doofus
id: 31700
Light bright has come so far!
id: 31701
The next morning, a wild Scintilla appeared!
id: 31702
While the elusive wild Mckeed receded into the woods, only to emerge next July for prescreenings.
id: 31703
I love the bat backpacks
id: 31704
Jefferson is never quite sure what to do when I point the camera at him.
id: 31705
Bryce was feeling better after a night of madness
id: 31706
id: 31707
That's right, we're at Sang Kee again for some delicious Chinese food!
id: 31708
Peter and Katie came with us!
id: 31709
They couldn't make the rest of Alancon, but at least they could join us for Sunday brunch
id: 31710
Alicia.. counts?
id: 31711
Albert just wants some food already
id: 31712
Gross ducks
id: 31713
We're making progress, we're inside!
id: 31714
It was a little rainy
id: 31715
Amanda checks out the menu
id: 31716
There's a lot of really good noodle dishes
id: 31717
My meal: pork noodle soup with wontons
id: 31718
Vic got the same thing
id: 31719
Who?? Me and who else?
id: 31720
What does??
id: 31721
Additional fortunes!
id: 31722
Albert's got an eye popping thing going on here
id: 31723
We're at Alan's house, but he's not here! Where the hell is he??
id: 31724
Alicia doesn't know
id: 31725
Jefferson ambles up without a care in the world
id: 31726
We couldn't get ahold of Alan
id: 31727
You need to fix your glasses, Jefferson
id: 31728
Peter was getting pretty cold
id: 31729
Katie thought ahead and brought a hat
id: 31730
Amanda hates this game
id: 31731
Vic took the long way home! How did he get here before Alan?
id: 31732
Joy's not a fan of the situation
id: 31733
Trying the back door..
id: 31734
Vic finally got ahold of Alan and got the code to the back door. Crisis averted! And a ridiculous way to end a great weekend!
id: 31735
The depth of field effect on the 50mm is crazy
id: 31736
But I don't need a number!
id: 31737
id: 31738
Bryce walking along in the grocery store
id: 31739
This sign tempted me to buy some dry ice
id: 31740
Bryce is a big fan of his new glasses. "Suddenly I can see stuff!"
id: 31741
Burger time!
id: 31742
The cheese grater does what it does best
id: 31743
Alicia's job this weekend was apparently to grate cheese
id: 31744
Whoa, hi there
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