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Pictures taken on 01/06/11

id: 31762
I decided I needed some air, so I took a few pictures along the lake
id: 31763
It's frozen enough to walk on! But I won't do it
id: 31764
id: 31765
This started out as a baby representing the new year.. now what is it??
id: 31766
Steve at his desk
id: 31767
Beager has been drawing various ragefaces on his whiteboard
id: 31768
The Johns discuss product details
id: 31769
Steve's magnet board
id: 31770
The gun becky got me for Christmas has been put to good, and terrifying, use
id: 31771
My Tachikoma plushie!
id: 31772
id: 31773
My Tachikoma figure!
id: 31774
SR-71 Blackbird, the finest jet ever made
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