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Pictures taken on 03/12/11

id: 32347
Water pill?
id: 32348
This guy was surprised to see people watching him
id: 32349
These guys hardly appreciated their letters at all
id: 32350
Hey, run around!
id: 32351
There you go!
id: 32352
id: 32353
id: 32354
That ceiling is handy
id: 32355
Looking around..
id: 32356
Bryce loved these guys. They make funny faces
id: 32357
Another favorite of ours. He kept running back and forth and turning around with his head before his body
id: 32358
Look at the feathers!
id: 32359
Sweet bag you've got there
id: 32360
The nocturnal animals live in the blue
id: 32361
Some kind of mouse?
id: 32362
That's a weird nose
id: 32363
Bryce's favorite again. Marmosets I think
id: 32364
I call them "crazy face"
id: 32365
id: 32366
What's your problem?
id: 32367
Don't you have something better to do than sit around?
id: 32368
Who gave this guy donuts?
id: 32369
I thought these were cheetos, but they were carrots
id: 32370
Bryce swore this guy was in Princess Mononoke
id: 32371
This anteater walked with real attitude
id: 32372
Here he comes again
id: 32373
Bryce was our navigator
id: 32374
Polar bear!
id: 32375
id: 32376
Look at that tail
id: 32377
This is apparently peacock #31
id: 32378
id: 32379
A black swan!
id: 32380
Oh my
id: 32381
Well that was brief
id: 32382
The victory dance
id: 32383
Don't look at me
id: 32384
What the hell are you, anyway
id: 32385
id: 32386
Very cool feathers
id: 32387
Floppy neck
id: 32388
Red breasted geese! See? I remembered at least one name
id: 32389
Flamingo walking around
id: 32390
To swim or not to swim?
id: 32391
id: 32392
Another black swan
id: 32393
The white swan wouldn't come outside
id: 32394
id: 32395
More penguins!
id: 32396
Even more penguins! The one on the right kept almost jumping but never did
id: 32397
Peakcock 31's buddy, peacock 30
id: 32398
What're you looking at?
id: 32399
Monkeys love steel beams
id: 32400
Just hanging out
id: 32401
Whoa, that's an intense stare
id: 32402
id: 32403
id: 32404
id: 32405
Snow leopard!
id: 32406
id: 32407
id: 32408
The less flashy female peacock
id: 32409
A bald eagle!
id: 32410
Closeup on the bald eagle
id: 32411
Ah! He spotted me!
id: 32412
I hope this species' name is "grumpface"
id: 32413
A cheetah hanging out
id: 32414
This guy kept walking around
id: 32415
What's over there?
id: 32416
The red panda was sleepy
id: 32417
Bryce kept calling this guy an elk. It's a gazelle!
id: 32418
id: 32419
The rare squirrel
id: 32420
Let's hope nobody casts a glass be gone spell!
id: 32421
Ah, living in a pile of food and your own feces. Living the good life
id: 32422
Big snake
id: 32423
id: 32424
This frog looks like some kind of weird lump
id: 32425
Swimming turtle
id: 32426
Spooky snake
id: 32427
Bryce is so close to 1,000 PS3 trophies
id: 32428
This is his "I'm getting a trophy" concentration face
id: 32429
He did it!
id: 32430
Now to get 1,001..
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