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Pictures taken on 04/21/11

id: 32672
Invisible rifle!!
id: 32673
Topaz took a few pictures
id: 32674
Dad standing around
id: 32675
Heading down to the long distance range
id: 32676
Standing around at the 200 yard line
id: 32677
Dad in his characteristic plaid shirts
id: 32678
id: 32679
Looking down at the targets from 200 yards
id: 32680
Explaining long distance shooting
id: 32681
Topaz tries some crazy limbo
id: 32682
Explaining something or other
id: 32683
Topaz is unimpressed by the Shertaon elevator. But just you wait!
id: 32684
Anime Boston's fancy triangular banner
id: 32685
This year I got a radio the whole time, with a secret service style earpiece! It was a lot of fun to listen in on tech operations throughout the con.
id: 32686
Topaz is the gaff tape wizard
id: 32687
He even has a precarious way of storing it
id: 32688
Hey it's Jamie! He sure has a fancy camera
id: 32689
Topaz doesn't get the 3DS
id: 32690
Read a book, read a book!
id: 32691
Tech staffers hanging around
id: 32692
It's tough to be the radio tech
id: 32693
A lot of people check their phones during the downtime
id: 32694
It may look like we're just sitting around, but at a moment's notice, we may have to rush into action
id: 32695
I've seen this guy for years, and I only know him as
id: 32696
We had a lot of radios this year!
id: 32697
So many radios!
id: 32698
You need a lot of wires to run a convention
id: 32699
Main Events is still open to Hall C
id: 32700
The big fancy LED screen
id: 32701
Big cameras in Main Events
id: 32702
Topaz spent a lot of the weekend playing Nethack. A fine pursuit, but I still like to make fun fo him
id: 32703
Ben's having a good time
id: 32704
We had Interstella 5555 playing on Thursday night
id: 32705
Desmond looks pretty distraught for this early in the convention!
id: 32706
I'll forever regret not being on the forums and thus missing the awesome Anime Boston hockey jerseys
id: 32707
Ben checks his phone
id: 32708
Behold: the world's largest laptop
id: 32709
One of my rare "wide" shots taken with my kit lens
id: 32710
Yeah, this looks about right for a tech table
id: 32711
The flashy Apple store across the street. Was it really only last year that the iPad came out?
id: 32712
Time to study your schedules to be sure when you're working and what panels you want to go to
id: 32713
Rick! Master of panels at cons up and down the East coast
id: 32714
The escalator affords one a good opportunity to look around
id: 32715
Jamie may be a scoundrel, but I do like his fancy camera
id: 32716
Gathering for the all hands meeting
id: 32717
Checking the microphones
id: 32718
Looks like they're working!
id: 32719
I like how the orange shirts tend to clump on one side
id: 32720
Andrea, our con chair!
id: 32721
Mike Lee, Tech's fearless leader
id: 32722
Victor, the co-chair!
id: 32723
I like this picture of Jefferson
id: 32724
Dave lines up a staff picture
id: 32725
Matt tries to get the cart out of the ditch on his 3DS
id: 32726
Everyone back to Level 2!
id: 32727
Marian did an amazing job as Tech Chief of Staff, especially considering that she just had a kid!
id: 32728
"Nabil, those gloves make it look like you're ready to garrot someone." "Everyone keeps saying that! My hands are just cold!"
id: 32729
Nabil explains the mixer board. I never got any training!
id: 32730
So many switches and dials!
id: 32731
id: 32732
A junior tech tries out the board
id: 32733
Crank that gain!
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