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Pictures taken on 04/22/11

id: 32734
Ah yes. The convention must have started
id: 32735
Dunkin' Donuts was a madhouse as usual
id: 32736
Rosie had some trouble running her radio wire up her back
id: 32737
Cool film camera!
id: 32738
"Video Land", where the screens of Main Events are controlled
id: 32739
Setting up the music themed stage
id: 32740
id: 32741
Arcade machines in Hall C!
id: 32742
Whoa, a 3DO! But why isn't it playing terrible Legend of Zelda games?
id: 32743
DDR! I remember when Anime Boston only had Red Octane dance pads
id: 32744
Business creeper?
id: 32745
Yeah.. 2011...
id: 32746
Panels where cosplayers answer questions as their characters are the worst
id: 32747
Spiffy Spartan costume!
id: 32748
Oh no! Don't shoot me!
id: 32749
Awesome Companion Cube costume
id: 32750
I'm not sure what this is, but I think it's based on Twilight Princess
id: 32751
This is a pretty half assed Last Airbender cosplay, but I can dig it
id: 32752
Rock, paper, scissors!
id: 32753
Tiny toy chickens are scary
id: 32754
id: 32755
The control center in the middle of Main Events
id: 32756
Moving pianos is hard!
id: 32757
id: 32758
Scary creeper!
id: 32759
Heyyy, this isn't a Gundam!
id: 32760
So many dice!
id: 32761
I'm always tempted by dice, but I have so little use for them
id: 32762
A Kallen cosplayer from Code Geass
id: 32763
Gurren Lagann!
id: 32764
Winry and Hawkeye!
id: 32765
id: 32766
Zorro sure does have a lot of swords
id: 32767
Oogie Boogie!
id: 32768
Sim person!
id: 32769
Oh man, I'm so close to the intelligence!
id: 32770
Captain N! And he's even got a power glove!
id: 32771
I found this Robin's white eyes very impressive
id: 32772
Captain Jack Sparrow, but I don't think it's that one guy who shows up every year
id: 32773
Dead Mau cosplayer?
id: 32774
id: 32775
Default Minecraft Guy!
id: 32776
Could that be Matt the Mat?
id: 32777
It is!
id: 32778
Matt has the world's largest camera
id: 32779
It makes fake-o Polaroids!
id: 32780
To infinity, and well, you know
id: 32781
Does this Digimon costume count as a furry? Who knows
id: 32782
id: 32783
Oh no! Missingno! Make sure your sixth item isn't a bike!
id: 32784
This little cat thing moved its head in a very hypnotic fashion
id: 32785
Us tech staffers couldn't figure out what was the deal with the Hetalia cosplayers in the courtyard
id: 32786
Pineapple and radio?
id: 32787
That's a big katamari
id: 32788
Pikachu was called as a witness in Cosplay Court
id: 32789
The "bailiffs"
id: 32790
I call this guy "duct tape Sauron"
id: 32791
Usually this guy is "the internet" but now he's "not the internet' for some reason.
id: 32792
"Mansty". Yikes.
id: 32793
Carrying Mansty away at gunpoint
id: 32794
The prince! Apparently the prince of the Celtics
id: 32795
Sailor Moon!
id: 32796
Steve! Just a normal attendee this year
id: 32797
id: 32798
The Desmometer is pretty low.. for now
id: 32799
The wall of fame and shame! Good or bad radio behavior would get you on either board. I didn't make either side!
id: 32800
Colorful drums!
id: 32801
Waiting to seat people for the Girugamesh concert
id: 32802
Waiting for the attendees
id: 32803
Now here is a motley crew
id: 32804
Commander was on staff too this year!
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