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Pictures taken on 04/23/11

id: 32805
She brought us to a pretty spiffy grill called Spike's
id: 32806
Topaz loves burgers and hotdogs
id: 32807
Hey Commander!
id: 32808
Commander's boyfriend, who brought me a sweet Mass Effect hat in exchange for a soda.. but I forgot to buy him one!
id: 32809
I'm not sure that's entirely accurate
id: 32810
Commander and her buddies, and Jefferson
id: 32811
Spike's was an excellent way to end Friday night
id: 32812
Chris Beveridge's panel was pretty interesting. As he put it, he was the guy who could answer the questions about the anime industry that the industry itself wouldn't answer.
id: 32813
Joe took my picture, so I took his
id: 32814
Aisha Clanclan!
id: 32815
Sheik and Saria from Ocarina of Time!
id: 32816
Miku was singing in the hall
id: 32817
You need to be pretty loud to keep the people in the game room under control
id: 32818
Gathering around the TV
id: 32819
Dance Central is fun!
id: 32820
Move is fun too, I guess
id: 32821
It's that crazy music arcade game!
id: 32822
id: 32823
Batman cosplayers!
id: 32824
I had some awesome art commissioned on the back on my ereader!
id: 32825
She did a great job, didn't she!
id: 32826
I felt bad that I couldn't tell if this was Princess Peach or Fat Princess
id: 32827
id: 32828
Wow, Slowpoke. That's harsh
id: 32829
id: 32830
Martial Arts man JP kicks his non-martial arts guy's ass!
id: 32831
"Oh god!"
id: 32832
This looks pretty painful
id: 32833
Everyone was ok!
id: 32834
The Masquerade trophies!
id: 32835
Running the Masquerade from Video Land
id: 32836
I found myself standing next to this terrifying thing, desperately hoping to not disturb it and/or die
id: 32837
The view from the Masquerade side stage
id: 32838
Taking pictures of cosplayers? I can relate
id: 32839
Ada taking the stage with her giant bazooka
id: 32840
She's got Dijit in her sights!
id: 32841
The Masquerade judges watch on
id: 32842
Uncle Yo has been defeated.. for now!
id: 32843
Link runs out for a thumbs up
id: 32844
Mr. Dick Tripwire!
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