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Pictures taken on 04/24/11

id: 32845
This guy won an award for his excellent performance at Hentai Dubbing!
id: 32846
Topaz and I thought this guy looked like Shawn when he was on stage, but.. he doesn't
id: 32847
Anime Dance!
id: 32848
Cue the Strongbad techno music!
id: 32849
The Demomometer is getting pretty high! Also, note the hilarious radio dialogue on the left
id: 32850
Cosplay Chess? We must be on Sunday!
id: 32851
An American cosplayer! By which I mean they're cosplaying as America! But they're probably American as well
id: 32852
The Green Building at MIT. No, it isn't green.
id: 32853
id: 32854
Some of the remaining attendees check out Boylston Street
id: 32855
Pikachu and pals walking along
id: 32856
Good thing the Hynes has free wifi!
id: 32857
I don't know what the hell this is, but I like it
id: 32858
Moogle crochet!
id: 32859
This guy's satellite dish hat spun around!
id: 32860
Got to keep an eye on the clock so you can be sure the panelists don't run over
id: 32861
Impressive Chell cosplay, especially considering Portal 2 came out less than a week before!
id: 32862
Minecraft guy again!
id: 32863
id: 32864
Teardown time already
id: 32865
Microphones ready for packing
id: 32866
Lonely box is ready to go
id: 32867
Sean guides our teardown team
id: 32868
Floating a "surface" down to the ground for packing
id: 32869
A projector lens
id: 32870
Carrying various equipment through the staff hallways
id: 32871
Desmond confronts the big board
id: 32872
It's tough to keep track of what's going on in every room
id: 32873
"I'll just put this radio over here.."
id: 32874
Spiffy glasses
id: 32875
They took my radio away!
id: 32876
And the secret service earpiece!
id: 32877
So many monitors
id: 32878
The Hynes has some pretty big elevators
id: 32879
Pushing boxes around
id: 32880
Boxes full of stuff!
id: 32881
So many beanbags!
id: 32882
Where do you think you're going?
id: 32883
The empty halls are pretty depressing
id: 32884
Heading back to the hotel?
id: 32885
Carry those pipes!
id: 32886
Getting the speakers ready for packing
id: 32887
Topaz helps out with the speaker
id: 32888
Desmond finds some of his personal equipment
id: 32889
Careful of the sprinklers!
id: 32890
It looks like security got roped in to packing up the trucks this year
id: 32891
Maybe I'm doing them a disservice, but I don't recall them packing up in previous years. It goes faster with everyone helping!
id: 32892
The desolate Dealer's Room
id: 32893
Sean gathers all his equipment
id: 32894
A huge line of equipment ready to be rolled into the elevator
id: 32895
Staff fight!
id: 32896
Shaking hands before the duel
id: 32897
Anime Bryce is ready
id: 32898
Connor readies his spear, which I can only assume was confiscated from an attendee
id: 32899
Bryce is ready with his paddle
id: 32900
Later, Bryce snuck up behind Desmond and whacked him in the ass with the paddle, and Desmond chased him at light speed
id: 32901
And skinned both knees in the process. Got to give him credit, he just kept running after this!
id: 32902
Bryce runs to safety
id: 32903
While Desmond limps off his skinned knees
id: 32904
Rosie thinks paddles are fun
id: 32905
I asked Bryce to make a menacing pose
id: 32906
No hard feelings between Bryce and Desmond
id: 32907
I really like this picture of Mike Lee, the head of Tech, because I think it does a good job of showing authority, as well as the exhaustion of the weekend catching up with him
id: 32908
James listens to Mike's speech
id: 32909
Matt looks on in with rapt attention
id: 32910
Jarrod thought it was funny
id: 32911
id: 32912
Group hug around Bryce. Just revenge after all the chaos he called with that paddle
id: 32913
Hey man, you're at the wrong con!
id: 32914
Topaz plays some more Nethack
id: 32915
id: 32916
Steamboy let me take a picture of him. This is his tough guy face
id: 32917
This guy seems confused
id: 32918
Topaz listened to Steamboy's idea about a perpetual motion machine where you connect a steam turbine to a heater that makes the steam
id: 32919
On the bus to the Dead Dog!
id: 32920
Rosie took my picture in the dark. I like it! Creepy!
id: 32921
Topaz lines up a shot
id: 32922
Ian is another techie who wears a vest, so I feel like we're on the same team
id: 32923
Jason, my roommate for the last couple of years
id: 32924
The Dead Dog was at the same place as last year, but everyone liked it
id: 32925
Jefferson hung out with us
id: 32926
I'm pretty sure that isn't a valid URL..
id: 32927
"Toei Hug"? Is that why we have our party here?
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