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Pictures taken on 04/29/11

id: 32999
Pack the trunk!
id: 33000
This is Kate's "I saw the camera pointing at me" face
id: 33001
Camping is exciting!
id: 33002
Chris and Topaz look over the map to the camping site
id: 33003
id: 33004
The Teo Bus!
id: 33005
id: 33006
id: 33007
id: 33008
Ben and Suz skip off to the Teo Bus
id: 33009
Dani is cold
id: 33010
Oops, busted
id: 33011
Dani takes some pictures
id: 33012
Huddling against the cold
id: 33013
id: 33014
Driving to the camp site
id: 33015
We came well prepared
id: 33016
Well prepared indeed
id: 33017
Joel gets the fire going
id: 33018
Suz gets some cheese and crackers ready so we can eat while we wait for dinner.
id: 33019
Dani cuts some bread or something
id: 33020
id: 33021
Chris moves the D&D map
id: 33022
Teo brought a bunch of hamburgers
id: 33023
Stoking the fire
id: 33024
Teo labels the aluminum foil packets
id: 33025
Don't mix them up!
id: 33026
Each person got a packet full of meat and vegetables
id: 33027
Packets on the fire!
id: 33028
Camera duel!
id: 33029
Joel at the dinner table
id: 33030
Ben was a fan of the Teo packets
id: 33031
Signing to Dani
id: 33032
Jokes are funny
id: 33033
It's tough to catch Chris looking at ease since he panics when he sees a camera
id: 33034
Dani works on a D&D campaign
id: 33035
Planning is hard
id: 33036
Ben suggested we try some light painting, which I immediately jumped on
id: 33037
An early test with the LED flashlight on my phone
id: 33038
Ben did a great job drawing a rocket
id: 33039
Shape explosion!
id: 33040
Rainbow road!
id: 33041
Ben writes a message for his mom
id: 33042
Holding swords!
id: 33043
id: 33044
Light explosion!
id: 33045
Some sort of card game?
id: 33046
Suz had a sweet xkcd hoodie
id: 33047
id: 33048
id: 33049
You can't see this sign but it says "NO BOYS ALLOWED"
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