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Pictures taken on 05/01/11

id: 33144
Ben was shocked to discover me taking his picture
id: 33145
This looks like a good hallway to roll a giant rock down
id: 33146
Chris is too tired to hold his own head up
id: 33147
Topaz likes to wear this shirt while DMing
id: 33148
Silly Dani
id: 33149
Signing to Dani about what the hell is going on
id: 33150
I realized I never took any pictures of the area around our cabin.. so here's one
id: 33151
I accidentally took this picture, but I liked it
id: 33152
OK, this is blatently out of focus, my bad, but it's still pretty great. Unfortunately, Chris had already gone home.
id: 33153
Everyone go crazy! For some reason we all screamed too
id: 33154
Olympia diner was pretty awesome
id: 33155
Heyyy, that's not a skylight!
id: 33156
Me in the mirror!
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