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Pictures taken on 05/16/11

id: 33314
There's a nuclear power plant outside of Orlando.. cool!
id: 33315
This was the best shot of Hogwarts at Universal I got all week
id: 33316
James gets caught off guard
id: 33317
My STS-134 hat
id: 33318
James' obscene Waffle House meal: quadruple hash browns with cheese, smothered in salsa (followed by a slice of chocolate pie)
id: 33349
A fellow photographer checks his camera in the early morning light
id: 33350
Positioning cameras..
id: 33351
There were a lot of boats on the intercoastal waterway
id: 33352
James' decision to buy a sleeping bag really paid off in the end
id: 33353
As the sun rose, more and more people turned out on the bridge
id: 33354
Awaiting the sun
id: 33355
Lots of photographers were making final calibrations to their setup
id: 33356
At this point, these guys had been on the bridge for almost 24 hours
id: 33357
Our empty bridge is filling up!
id: 33358
A camera pointed towards the launch site
id: 33359
That is one hell of a lens
id: 33360
This guy with the blanket and the can made me laugh
id: 33361
What a crazy dude!
id: 33362
A wild dolphin!
id: 33363
The launchpad, seen through the morning mist
id: 33364
The VAB is so massive it's difficult to think about
id: 33365
The sun is almost here..
id: 33366
Finally, the sun peeked up above the cloud bank
id: 33367
Sunlight falls on the waiting masses
id: 33368
A crane?
id: 33369
Nice backpack
id: 33370
At this point, lots of normal people started showing up since it wasn't so crazy early
id: 33371
I'm really glad i eschewed "Space Park", that place is packed!
id: 33372
The police shut down the bridge two hours before the launch
id: 33373
I took this picture for Bryce. He thinks those "Big Dog" shirts are ridiculous
id: 33374
The bridge is really filling up!
id: 33375
There were several street vendors selling various NASA gear
id: 33376
I believe this is the T-38 piloted by astronaut Steven Lindsey as he gauges the crosswinds at the Shuttle Landing Facility
id: 33377
A boat hurries to the small island closer to the launch site
id: 33378
Another dolphin!
id: 33379
The big moment is here at last! Main engines start, SRB ignition, and liftoff of Space Shuttle Endeavour!
id: 33380
The camera automatically took pictures while I watched with my naked eyes. It was almost too bright to look at
id: 33381
Photos cannot do it justice. It is simply breathtaking. It was absolutely worth all of the time and effort
id: 33382
The exhaust plume puncturing the low lying clouds
id: 33383
Now here's something I don't recall seeing before.. the swirly aftermath of the exhaust plume
id: 33384
The clouds blocked the shuttle from our view, but the seeing the shadow of the exhaust plume cast on it spanning the sky was incredible
id: 33385
It spanned across the entire sky
id: 33386
Me and the remnants of Endeavour's exhaust plume
id: 33387
I don't know how I've never seen this before!
id: 33388
One last look at the launch site. Time to head home.
id: 33389
Mass exodus!
id: 33390
There was a scramble to get on the roads before the filled up
id: 33391
But of course.. they filled up immediately anyway. Worth it!
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