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Pictures taken on 06/17/11

id: 33660
The latest addition to the Synapps team
id: 33661
Matt's son!
id: 33662
"What is this device?"
id: 33663
I thought it looked tasty too
id: 33664
Matt plays defense to protect his mouse
id: 33665
I tried to get a picture of Shawn sliding down the railing and it turned out.. awkward..
id: 33666
This picture of Beager reminded me of the Big Foot footage
id: 33667
Steve does a crazy dance to try to avoid the camera. Didn't work
id: 33668
"Me Gusta"
id: 33669
Creepy Beager sneaks up on me from the back of the store
id: 33670
Sub Guy Matt makes a mean veggie sub
id: 33671
I accidentally took this on the wrong settings and it really freaks me out
id: 33672
Elevator action shot!
id: 33673
Kate's brother Eric is enjoying the disco light on the ceiling of our new party space
id: 33674
Topaz and Kate's landlord let us hang out above his garage, which is a huge space full of couches
id: 33675
"You see the thing about bowl chairs is.."
id: 33676
Probably showing off Nethack or something..
id: 33677
We were really stalling for time and making sure he didn't try to get in the house while the secret cake was being perpared
id: 33678
Here comes the cake!
id: 33679
The premise of the party was that it was for Luke's 21st birthday party..
id: 33680
But the birthday was a lie! It's really bachelor party time!
id: 33681
Get in the car!
id: 33682
The awesome portal themed cakes
id: 33683
Figuring out car logistics
id: 33684
Ben was really excited
id: 33685
"Hey, where are we going?"
id: 33686
"Shut up! Put this over your head!" ":("
id: 33687
"Where are we??"
id: 33688
"Lasertron! Awesome!"
id: 33689
id: 33690
Eric and Bradley wait to sign up for laser tag
id: 33691
id: 33692
Tony made the trip for the party!
id: 33693
This guy
id: 33694
Joel registers as a laser warrior
id: 33695
Brian sets up his laser account
id: 33696
I like this expression
id: 33697
They take our picture!
id: 33698
Chris' turn
id: 33699
Pictures taken while people are talking are always so flattering
id: 33700
Luke thinks things are funny
id: 33701
Ben gets his picture taken
id: 33702
I horned in on Tony's picture
id: 33703
Tony's ready to kick some ass
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