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Pictures taken on 07/01/11

id: 33816
Alan cruises his phone as we wait for our food at Michael's
id: 33817
For a second, I thought Amanda was wearing a bowtie
id: 33818
Albert's got a snazzy cover for his G2
id: 33819
Oh boy. Colin brought some Four Loko. This is old school Four Loko, bought before it was pulled from the shelves
id: 33820
What have you done, Colin?
id: 33821
Amanda considers her next move on.. whatever game they're playing
id: 33822
Vic's having fun
id: 33823
Alan grumpily eyes the Wii from the corner with his tablet
id: 33824
Every time I meet up with Albert, I get a picture of him making a weird face. Here's the one for this batch
id: 33825
Bryce does a little backseat gaming with Vic
id: 33826
Gathered around to play some games
id: 33827
Erika seems incredulous about something. Probably how bad Bryce is at games.
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