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Pictures taken on 07/02/11

id: 33828
The infamous Four Loko
id: 33829
Bryce considers his next move
id: 33830
Mmm, morning coffee
id: 33831
Everyone loves morning coffee
id: 33832
Jefferson's got the wrong convention's shirt on!
id: 33833
Brakus is here!
id: 33834
Erika's going to regret that face
id: 33835
Katie grabs a ballot
id: 33836
Peter too
id: 33837
This year, Vic even wrote a coverletter
id: 33838
Omar arrives!
id: 33839
Hey Albert!
id: 33840
Omar thinks things are funny
id: 33841
These two guys are new. I call the one on the right Jimmy Neutron
id: 33842
Hey, Jimmy Neutron
id: 33843
Erika somehow got the job of carrying the mountain of pizza to the table
id: 33844
Brakus plays with the baby that someone brought
id: 33845
"Ooo, baby you so funny!"
id: 33846
Erika, Katie, and Peter
id: 33847
Peter plays with a synthesizer on my iPad
id: 33848
Voting on a video. Probably 1's all around.
id: 33849
The videos just never end!
id: 33850
This is how Bryce feels about these videos
id: 33851
Mmm, pizza
id: 33852
Vic is excited for the post-prescreening dinner
id: 33853
It's still sort of strange to see Bryce in glasses
id: 33854
Jefferson! Your glasses are crooked!
id: 33855
Hey Brakus
id: 33856
Kumar was bummed to discover he didn't get free dinner. Hey man, you want the dinner, you've got to sit through all eight hours of AMVs!
id: 33857
The uncool table (i.e., not our table)
id: 33858
Alan brought his Tab with him
id: 33859
Is Jeff nursing an AMV-related headache?
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