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Pictures taken on 07/30/11

id: 34485
Joy checks her phone
id: 34486
It's Bob!
id: 34487
Mr. Big Important Vice Con Chair got a rascal this year!
id: 34488
Just a bunch of staffers with a box of homemade booze.. nothing to see here
id: 34489
Omar leads the way!
id: 34490
Glowsticks! This is how we're going to seat people this year
id: 34491
id: 34492
Hinata, Ino, and Tenten!
id: 34493
The whole Ouron host club
id: 34494
More Sailor Scouts
id: 34495
Lots of Minecraft cosplayers this year
id: 34496
That legendary bird from Pokemon
id: 34497
What's with all the giant controllers?
id: 34498
Metal Gear soldier
id: 34499
Now he actually does look surprised!
id: 34500
What are all these Luffys going after?
id: 34501
One of those aliens from Star Wars
id: 34502
Impressive Mass Effect costume!
id: 34503
Anyone who knows Vic will get the joke here..
id: 34504
This was my brilliant idea. Taping glow sticks.. to an actual stick! That'll make us much more visible during seating
id: 34505
We also set these up to direct people to specific colors
id: 34506
This is what the sticks look like when you wave them around
id: 34507
Our backstage area
id: 34508
Full house!
id: 34509
We packed that place to the brim!
id: 34510
OK, there were a couple of seats, but they were so bad we didn't even consider them actual seats
id: 34511
Count, count, count! We only have an hour or two before the results are due!
id: 34512
Amanda and Joy get into their Render-chan and Error-chan costumes for Iron Editor
id: 34513
These staff pool folks were very helpful in counting. This girl here was a Nikon fan and kept hassling me for taking her picture with a lowly Nikon
id: 34514
We used that box for ballots and called them Quaker Votes
id: 34515
Peter hosted Iron Editor this year. He stayed in his costume since the theme was "Vampires Suck"
id: 34516
Iron Editor as seen from the back of the room
id: 34517
The Iron Editor crew
id: 34518
Peter and Amanda dig through the prizes to see if there's anything good
id: 34519
Peter was an excellent host
id: 34520
Kiarrens! This year's challenger. She did the "It's a Small World" AMV from Anime Boston
id: 34521
And of course, Chris is back as the defending champion
id: 34522
Erica really got into the Vampire theme! And this stupid microphone messed up my photo!
id: 34523
Ooo, so pretty
id: 34524
Jefferson loves photography
id: 34525
I was hoping to get a better version of this picture of Vic and his server but never did. I call it "The Man and the Machine"
id: 34526
Mike, Amanda as Render-chan, and Joy as Error-chan
id: 34527
These two were way too good at "name the anime". They went forever!
id: 34528
Sailor Moon!
id: 34529
Daft Punk!
id: 34530
The trenchcoat really helps to make this photographer look less creepy.....
id: 34531
id: 34532
Peter and Katie won Upbeat with their amazing original song and video about Squid Girl! This guy came running up to be in the picture
id: 34533
The Iron Editors are running out of time!
id: 34534
What's this face all about, Bryce?
id: 34535
A closeup of a portal gun
id: 34536
Chris won again! Congrats! Can he pull off the hat trick next year?
id: 34537
This group even had a space sphere cosplayer!
id: 34538
One of the back hallways that we call "Jeffrey tubes" for some reason
id: 34539
Bryce says "think I can pull this off?"
id: 34540
id: 34541
Aaaand no.
id: 34542
Bryce is obviously pretty bored
id: 34543
More balancing?
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