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Pictures taken on 07/31/11

id: 34544
What're you drinkin'? What're you buyin'?
id: 34545
These guys are standing where I stood when I took my Powershot's last ever photo, launching me into the DSLR world
id: 34546
Now here is some real creativity. He made a costume entirely out of those free super saiyan hair things from the Dealer's Room! Everyone loved him
id: 34547
Oh no! This guy's wheeling Otakon away!
id: 34548
Super Saiyan Hair Man was showered with praise
id: 34549
Troll man!
id: 34550
Cause that's what anime cons are all about
id: 34551
My staff badge this year. And I got a spiffy ribbon for donating to Japan!
id: 34552
I found our glow sticks! It turns out the next group also used them for easting.
id: 34553
The gofers who worked for us got a pretty sweet gig. Mostly hanging out and watching AMVs
id: 34554
id: 34555
I really like this picture. Something about the composition. I think it's a lot better than if I had asked him for a picture and he was just standing there
id: 34556
Why are there so many taiko drum games?
id: 34557
Gaming goggles?
id: 34558
Splash Woman! The only female megaman villain
id: 34559
The Hellsing cosplayers come well armed
id: 34560
This could be a decent wallpaper!
id: 34561
Every time we left AMV Ops we had to hold the door closed for 30 seconds or it wouldn't lock
id: 34562
Rolling the server back to AMV Ops
id: 34563
Panty and Stocking! The last cosplayer photo for the main Otakon batch! What a year!
id: 34564
Apparently we have something like 100,000 more 18+ wristbands than we need
id: 34565
This sign lies!
id: 34566
Jeff makes notes of the signs in stock
id: 34567
Omar ran through a strip of 18+ wristbands like the end of a race
id: 34568
Omar got us all excited about getting soft pretzels, and then suggested bringing down plates of mustard
id: 34569
Nothing to see here. Just a guy with a plate of mustard
id: 34570
"Oh yeah, that's the good stuff"
id: 34571
Vic seems less excited about mustard. He must have known that when we got down there the pretzel place would be closed
id: 34572
Otakon feedback
id: 34573
What is Alan talking about?
id: 34574
id: 34575
Waiting in the hot hot sun for Vic to come pick up the equipment in the van
id: 34576
We don't know who this guy is, but he was very helpful!
id: 34577
The Companion Cube ballot box!
id: 34578
Relaxing with some good ol' fashioned Four Loko
id: 34579
A little downtime before the Dead Dog
id: 34580
id: 34581
See? There are some pictures of me at Otakon
id: 34582
Oh no! They closed Burke's! And I never went!
id: 34583
I really like this picture. Wait up, guys!
id: 34584
The bat twins!
id: 34585
Fancy tripod
id: 34586
Sunset in Baltimore
id: 34587
It seems so empty now
id: 34588
The Dead Dog staff party
id: 34589
Time to relax and eat some dinner
id: 34590
These guys sat next to me. They work in Workshops
id: 34591
Jeff's just happy there are no more signs to print
id: 34592
Otakon gave us a free drink ticket
id: 34593
I'm not sure this counts as planking..
id: 34594
Vic's famous WoW hat
id: 34595
The Otakon higher-ups
id: 34596
Bob, the Otakon con chair
id: 34597
Jennifer announced that we had raised a crazy amount of money for Japanese relief
id: 34598
Jeff announces.. I don't know, I forget
id: 34599
Omar's finally here!
id: 34600
Baltimore declared us the "customer of the year"
id: 34601
Seee? Fancy award
id: 34602
They even gave us a funny little cake
id: 34603
One of the benefits of working in Pub Ops is that you can really easily print novelty badges
id: 34604
Sign the giant Otakon logo! It got way more full later on
id: 34605
One more shot of our award and cake from Baltimore
id: 34606
My signature!
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