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Pictures taken on 08/01/11

id: 34607
Amanda is ready for this weekend to end
id: 34608
Mmm, coffee drink
id: 34609
Miso soup
id: 34610
Giant pile of sushi!
id: 34611
Wasabi and pickled ginger
id: 34612
Mmm, sushi
id: 34613
I bet this shot makes you hungry
id: 34614
This giant gummi worm looks... like something else
id: 34615
This candy shop is crazy
id: 34616
Well, I suppose that's it. Everything's packed up, we're fed, another year in the books
id: 34617
Vic got a pretty sweet Otakon 2011 shirt
id: 34618
And I really want Jeff's shirt
id: 34619
The sun sets in Baltimore as I look out on the Southwest fleet
id: 34620
The last little bit of sun!
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