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Pictures taken on 09/28/11

id: 34866
Darin's ready to go to the Hatch
id: 34867
Looking at the latest top ten list on the whiteboard
id: 34868
Ben loves jokes
id: 34869
"I must return to my home planet"
id: 34870
Shawn can jump freakishly high
id: 34871
One of Topaz's college buddies was supposed to be meeting us but was lost!
id: 34872
Let's all check our phones
id: 34873
Phone time!
id: 34874
Shawn tries out Darin's ridiculous longboard that's made out of pieces of flooring
id: 34875
Ben looking not cool
id: 34876
Ben looking considerably cooler than the previous photo
id: 34877
Matt's snappy dressing is making us look bad
id: 34878
You see??
id: 34879
RIT friend has been found!
id: 34880
Shawn is wary of this bee's intentions
id: 34881
Yaaay Hatch
id: 34882
"Oh bee, you so funny"
id: 34883
This is apparently Shawn's bee defense posture
id: 34884
I love the pure panic in his eyes here. It's just a bee!!
id: 34885
Nate also has a ridiculous mustache
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