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Pictures taken on 10/29/11

id: 35221
This was Brett's second take. Last time he messed up the last "A"
id: 35222
I really love this photo. Photo of the weekend.
id: 35223
Brett's still rocking the sunglasses from the previous night
id: 35224
id: 35225
The weather could have been better
id: 35226
Stuffing down some roast beef sandwiches before we get dressed
id: 35227
Looking snazzy, Brett
id: 35228
Bryce's father and (soon) father in law!
id: 35229
Either Bryce has a fat finger, or Alicia has a really skinny one..
id: 35230
Tony is Bryce's bodyguard. Also, at this point I surrendered to the professionals and put my camera away until after the ceremony!
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