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Pictures taken on 11/18/11

id: 35380
Omar's ready for a CONVENTION!
id: 35381
He's got his home made "juice"
id: 35382
Amanda tries on the pony ears
id: 35383
This was how we got internet, Alan's funny little wifi hotspot
id: 35384
"I dub thee Sir Pony" ?
id: 35385
"But I don't wanna be a pony!"
id: 35386
We got a much bigger room this year!
id: 35387
Alan grumps at his computer
id: 35388
Vic wrestles with the title card system
id: 35389
Nice setup this year!
id: 35390
Alan still rocking the kit lens
id: 35391
I didn't really think about this photo as I took it but I think it came out well
id: 35392
Testing video output
id: 35393
Sweet wallpaper
id: 35394
Fix those levels!
id: 35395
How we stay awake for the 2:30am-4:00am block
id: 35396
Hey Jeff!
id: 35397
Omar loves things
id: 35398
Vic's always happy when things are working
id: 35399
The flaky title card system. Next year I'll have something better built!
id: 35400
Jeff on his giant Mac
id: 35401
An unguarded photo of Mike! So difficult
id: 35402
"Yeah we're going to need like.. this much mixer"
id: 35403
Sweetie Belle! My first pony cosplay photo! Well.. first since I could recognize them on my own..
id: 35404
The view in the "booth"
id: 35405
This guy had a muffin cannon, but you can't really tell from this angle
id: 35406
DDR-like games?
id: 35407
Vault Girl?
id: 35408
Fluttershy! She didn't have her wings at the time but it was still a great costume
id: 35409
id: 35410
I commissioned this horrifying drawing of Muk with Bryce's head. Yikes.
id: 35411
A giant chunk of aerogel? That can mean only one thing! We're at the Air and Space Museum!
id: 35412
SpaceShipOne! It's been too long since we last visited. Also the X-1!
id: 35413
SpaceShipOne looks like it just came back from its flight
id: 35414
Amanda's all about commercial spaceflight
id: 35415
The holy grail
id: 35416
This is where Buzz Aldrin's head was during launch and reentry!
id: 35417
Looking further into Columbia
id: 35418
So many switches
id: 35419
I love the diagnostic wax still on the vehicle
id: 35420
id: 35421
Friendship 7, America's first manned orbital flight!
id: 35422
It's so small. I can't imagine getting in for a ride
id: 35423
A replica of America's first satellite
id: 35424
A Mariner probe built from flight hardware! Too bad it never flew
id: 35425
Looking into Friendship 7
id: 35426
John Glenn's control stick
id: 35427
A closeup of the weird pull handles in Friendship 7
id: 35428
One more with the switches in focus
id: 35429
The handle on the door of Gemini IV. Ed White exited this very door for America's first spacewalk
id: 35430
A closeup of some of the "computer" on the Gemini spacecraft
id: 35431
It's incredible what they did with this gear
id: 35432
Note the crumbled tail section of SpaceShipOne where it buckled from the pressure
id: 35433
Here I am again in my favorite room in Washington DC!
id: 35434
I'm pretty sure I have a nearly identical photo to this from last year
id: 35435
Viking is so enormous!
id: 35436
Checking out the Apollo 11 command module
id: 35437
Stardust! This probe used aerogel to capture particles from the wake of a comet
id: 35438
The X-15. More rocket than plane
id: 35439
Were the old Soyuz capsules really that color?
id: 35440
So much exposed wiring!
id: 35441
The CSM stack is so big
id: 35442
I saw this on the Soyuz and it made me laugh
id: 35443
Great Scott! It's David Scott's lunar EVA suit!
id: 35444
David Scott was the commander of Apollo 15. That grime is moon dust!
id: 35445
This is an actual LM made with real flight hardware. It just never flew! Such a shame.
id: 35446
For some reason both guys don't have commander's red stripes. Maybe the commander is the CM pilot?
id: 35447
A wide angle shot of the LM
id: 35448
Jeff loves the moon
id: 35449
"Must.. get.. closer"
id: 35450
Amanda's a pilot?
id: 35451
And this, of course, is the national monument to bacon!
id: 35452
Just Amanda in a Pinkie Pie costume pouring a drink. Nothing unusual here
id: 35453
These guys were swaying back and forth as they sang along with the AMVs
id: 35454
The amazing title card that Beany drew for us!
id: 35455
We had a pretty spiffy setup with a TV outside the VAT indicating what was playing and what was coming up next
id: 35456
Amanda wore her Pinkie Pie getup to Chili's
id: 35457
What're you going to get, Jeff?
id: 35458
Amanda dares me to call her weird
id: 35459
Jeff's certainly thinking it
id: 35460
Crazy glasses!
id: 35461
Bryce was really really excited about the "bottomless" tortilla chips
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