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Pictures taken on 11/19/11

id: 35462
I ran into this guy on my way back to the room late at night
id: 35463
Chell! Too bad she blinked!
id: 35464
Fur suits are weird, but these guys were really nice. One gave me a bro-hoof!
id: 35465
Assorted FMA cosplayers
id: 35466
Got to have a general crowd shot!
id: 35467
An excellent female Soldier costume. The Black Box was amazing!
id: 35468
Officer Jenny!
id: 35469
I don't know what this guy is from but he has a great costume!
id: 35470
Darth Vader inspects the Artist Alley wares
id: 35471
Some TF2 cosplayers with a really creepy spy squid thing
id: 35472
What's wrong, Omar?
id: 35473
Lucca from Chrono Trigger!
id: 35474
I believe these two are from Panty and Stocking
id: 35475
I made Caitlin wear the ears!
id: 35476
The description for our Pony panel. My contribution was the last sentence
id: 35477
Bryce loves hosting events
id: 35478
Erica is defending her title as Iron Editor!
id: 35479
It's so tough to get a picture of Mike not making a face!
id: 35480
Erica's challenger put up a good fight, but I know who i was rooting for!
id: 35481
Render chan's new militarized costume
id: 35482
Render chan and.. Render chan!
id: 35483
This is how I spent much of my weekend. The wings, the ears, and counting ballots. OK ballot counting only took an hour.
id: 35484
Erica won again! She'll be back to defend her title again next year!
id: 35485
Oh no! What has Vic done to piss off Render chan?
id: 35486
And who gave her a gun??
id: 35487
An impressive Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender
id: 35488
I'm not sure why I took this picture of Bryce sleeping, but as soon as the shutter clicked he woke up and gave me a stinkeye
id: 35489
I've never seen a Helga cosplay before, and this one is excellent!
id: 35490
Bryce isn't sure what to do next
id: 35491
I call this one "Raveasaurus"
id: 35492
Some of the turnout for the Pony panel
id: 35493
Vic and Amanda hurried to get everyone seated and to hand out cupcakes
id: 35494
Great turnout! We filled the room!
id: 35495
Everyone had a great time :D
id: 35496
Omar replicated Pinkie Pie's birthday cake, pseudo-writing and all!
id: 35497
Amanda poses with some of the pony cosplayers from the video block
id: 35498
Rainbow Dash
id: 35499
Vinyl Scratch and Fluttershy
id: 35500
Amanda as Pinkie Pie, of course
id: 35501
Pike! I like the mohawk as replacement for the spiney ridge on his head
id: 35502
Photo Finish, Applejack, and a great Rarity! Rarity had a great tail but I felt awkward asking to take a picture of her tail so I didn't, haha
id: 35503
Photo Finish and Pinkie Pie exchange glasses!
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