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Pictures taken on 11/20/11

id: 35504
Rinny kept crawling around inside the bed, and was distraught to discover she couldn't pull the cover out from the isnide
id: 35505
Vic and Amanda aren't sure what the hell Rinny's doing
id: 35506
Neither is Rinny
id: 35507
I have no idea what Omar is looking at on the iPad, but if you zoom in you can see it's some sort of image
id: 35508
Brian: the man no camera will focus on
id: 35509
Amanda makes a goofy face
id: 35510
Vic isn't looking forward to his 2:30 to 4:00 "Duchess" block but I hear it went well!
id: 35511
Pack up the van!
id: 35512
Lots of helpers
id: 35513
Liz waves for a picture
id: 35514
Boxes crammed in the back area, the front seat, everywhere!
id: 35515
Jefferson ruins a perfectly good picture
id: 35516
Another year in the bag! Great job Vic! And us! Hooraaay us!
id: 35517
Great as Pinkie Pie's cake is, it must die
id: 35518
Mmm, Pinkie Pie
id: 35519
This is how Omar makes ramen... or how he starts a fire
id: 35520
Vic's betting on the latter
id: 35521
Omar the mad scientist
id: 35522
McKeed checks up on stuff on his phone
id: 35523
Jeff took a great photo of me. I think I put it on my blog..
id: 35524
Give 'em the ol' razzamatazz
id: 35525
Jeff tries the Rebirth app on my iPad
id: 35526
Omar's face should tell you how good of a space shuttle pilot he is
id: 35527
Amanda loves jokes
id: 35528
It wasn't long until Jeff bought the app for himself and descended into a world of 303s, 808s, and 909s
id: 35529
Scruffy pony is scruffy
id: 35530
We had to wait outside the restaurant the dead dog was at. I guess we were too early
id: 35531
Jeff standing around
id: 35532
Liz looks so startled!
id: 35533
Of course we couldn't go long without using the internet..
id: 35534
Holla holla get dolla
id: 35535
Another one of Omar's creations.. the amazing aluminum foil and cardboard box bowl. Somehow watertight!
id: 35536
Oh Amanda. Never wear those monstrous things again
id: 35537
This is what happens when you insult Amanda
id: 35538
So tragic
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