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Pictures taken on 11/26/11

id: 35635
"Draw me like one of your French cats"
id: 35636
How does he be so furry
id: 35637
id: 35638
Brett is so lost
id: 35639
Plastic instruments!
id: 35640
I finally met Raz!
id: 35641
Mel making weird faces?? I'm shocked
id: 35642
Brett's ready to rock
id: 35643
What's this face all about?
id: 35644
Joanna on guitar
id: 35645
"You taking my picture?"
id: 35646
What's that face for, stinkface?
id: 35647
id: 35648
Mel's standard awkward face
id: 35649
id: 35650
Raz and Joanna dancing to Dance Central 2
id: 35651
Mel dancing to.. nothing... on the couch.
id: 35652
Dance, dance, dance!
id: 35653
id: 35654
Mel navigates the Kinect menus
id: 35655
Joanna dances even when she's not one of the players!
id: 35656
Brett and Mel dancing
id: 35657
Mckeed's gotten a little too good at this game
id: 35658
So relaxed
id: 35659
Mckeed busts out some advanced moves
id: 35660
Mel is clearly super excited about the pony ears
id: 35661
Yaaay poooniiess
id: 35662
I'm not even going to comment on this one
id: 35663
Yaay, the famous Howl at the Moon booze bucket!
id: 35664
Booze bucket!
id: 35665
Raz isn't a huge fan of bars
id: 35666
Mckeed is!
id: 35667
Oh jeez! Mel, Steph, and Joanna took the stage!
id: 35668
Clearly they hadn't had enough dancing with Dance Central
id: 35669
Totally ridiculous
id: 35670
id: 35671
Get low!
id: 35672
Mel's got a crazy face going
id: 35673
id: 35674
Melanie Scrunchface
id: 35675
Good times were had by all
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