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Pictures taken on 01/01/12

id: 35934
Amanda looks so confused
id: 35935
Albert hates IHOP. No not really.
id: 35936
Vic waiting for pancakes
id: 35937
Maybe Albert really does hate IHOP
id: 35938
Jefferson's hear!
id: 35939
Alan and Jeff waiting to order
id: 35940
I'm starting Project 365 again! This is the first photo of the year
id: 35941
Everyone jump! Alan really went all out
id: 35942
Vic miraculously managed to get a photo of the cork flying out of the champagne bottle. The thing flew nearly 100 feet, I don't know how he did it!
id: 35943
Does it smell good?
id: 35944
Clearly it tastes good
id: 35945
Omar stares down another long night
id: 35946
Whoa, what the hell was in that bottle?
id: 35947
Vic hitting the punch
id: 35948
Omar used to be the vice con chair of Otakon, but then he took a Nerf dart to the knee
id: 35949
Pulling the dart out of his knee.
id: 35950
Using Vic's head to steady his shot?
id: 35951
Alan's stepbrother Adam could really play! He was so good none of us could play afterwards
id: 35952
Omar and I tried to play piano with Adam on guitar. We were trying to play Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"
id: 35953
"You guys have 40 years of piano experience between you and it's five chords!!"
id: 35954
This photo looks about right
id: 35955
Liz was there too!
id: 35956
She liked using the iPad as a manga reader
id: 35957
Jefferson sitting on the floor
id: 35958
This is the face Vic made when I told him that Reh Dogg was planning another entry to the Otakon AMV contest
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