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Pictures taken on 01/21/12

id: 36041
Breakfast time!
id: 36042
Mmmm, waffles
id: 36043
Teo need coffee
id: 36044
Brian need.. coke?
id: 36045
Waffles are confusing, apparently
id: 36046
Fresh waffle!
id: 36047
Joel gets some gaming in on his own
id: 36048
Time for complicated board games!
id: 36049
Lots of tiles
id: 36050
Kate hanging out on the couch
id: 36051
Teo helps clarify some of the rules
id: 36052
This is not your typical board game
id: 36053
We had carrots and peppers while we waited for our catastrophic amount of pizza to arrive
id: 36054
Brian waits his turn
id: 36055
Pizza bowl!
id: 36056
The tiles represent a house or something that we're building
id: 36057
Teo didn't play, so he was able to consult everyone on the rules
id: 36058
I have no idea what's going on here
id: 36059
Sitting around for board games!
id: 36060
Ahhh!! Scary Kate!
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