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Pictures taken on 02/28/12

id: 36199
We left from Steve' shouse
id: 36200
We took Matt's car
id: 36201
Why does Steve look so uncomfortable?
id: 36202
And why does Matt look so suspicious?
id: 36203
For some reason we played a lot of Battleship during the trip
id: 36204
Large cargo planes near Fort Drum!
id: 36205
Kinder Surprise! We must be in Canada
id: 36206
I've always wanted to try one of these
id: 36207
It comes with a capsule full of stuff. Apparently American kids are too stupid to not eat it
id: 36208
Holy crap, check out how awesome this plane is! And it was all in the chocolate egg
id: 36209
I don't know if dark chocolate KitKats are a Canadian thing or I just haven't seen them before. In any case, it wasn't very good
id: 36210
Navigator Steve tries to read the French signs
id: 36211
That's a lot of cranes
id: 36212
French! French everywhere!
id: 36213
id: 36214
Somewhat scary looking dude working on a billboard
id: 36215
These elevators suck. We have to rappel?
id: 36216
Waiting for the elevator
id: 36217
I took this picture for Brett
id: 36218
Fancy steakhouse!
id: 36219
Of course, we were all on our phones. Which is strange since we didn't have connectivity
id: 36220
Guinness is pretty good
id: 36221
Nothing like wearing a pony shirt to a fancy steakhouse
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