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Pictures taken on 05/12/12

id: 36445
It's nice and shady here! I don't have to go on a walk through horrible glaring sunlight
id: 36446
id: 36447
id: 36448
A little creek
id: 36449
id: 36450
A trail through the woods.
id: 36451
id: 36452
id: 36453
What's over there?
id: 36454
Who brings a tire out here?
id: 36455
Ack! Spiders!
id: 36456
The elusive wild lens flare
id: 36457
Reading in the woods
id: 36458
Crazy sled ramp
id: 36459
Being able to see through the floor freaked me out
id: 36460
Ralph Wilson stadium with Buffalo in the distance
id: 36461
Uhh.. maybe I should go home before the crazy cloud shelf arrives
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