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Pictures taken on 07/26/12

id: 36613
I found this sign in the airport
id: 36614
Hey it's Rick from Anime Boston!
id: 36615
Wow, an actually interesting view from my hotel window
id: 36616
Ready to hit the BCC and pick up my staff badge
id: 36617
id: 36618
The pre-reg line is already pretty long
id: 36619
My first cosplayer sighting
id: 36620
This guy probably knows where he's going
id: 36621
Hey it's that guy I am!
id: 36622
Waiting to pick up my staff badge
id: 36623
Video 1 looks beautiful this year! I can't wait to see the contest up on the 16:9 screen
id: 36624
I love seeing the BCC empty like this. It's so eerie
id: 36625
Where are all the attendees?
id: 36626
Ah here they are, registration!
id: 36627
From what I could see the line was moving pretty well.. but I wasn't waiting in it
id: 36628
It's Ice Cold Water Man!
id: 36629
I had to get a picture with him. Of course, I bought an ice cold water
id: 36630
I've been spotted!
id: 36631
This guy seemed really into his job
id: 36632
Lots of attendees milling about the front of the BCC
id: 36633
Meanwhile, a baseball game is letting out only a block away! A lot of baseball fans were confused by the cosplayers
id: 36634
It's Vic!
id: 36635
And Amanda!
id: 36636
Someone was playing video games on the screen in Video 1
id: 36637
Amanda's ready to kick this weekend off
id: 36638
Planning how we're going to load our gear into the BCC
id: 36639
The loading docks are pretty busy
id: 36640
We talked to Craig, one of the DSL guys Vic knows about what we can expect for a setup in Video 1
id: 36641
Standing around the loading docks
id: 36642
The coveted SDCC Derpy figure!
id: 36643
A few of these time lapse infrared cameras were installed in video rooms in an attempt to estimate attendance. From what I hear, it wasn't very effective. Too dark.
id: 36644
We decided that if Con-Ops is Ponyville, then AMV Ops is Cloudsdale
id: 36645
AMV Victor!
id: 36646
Watching the Video 1 curtain go up
id: 36647
Vic and Amanda painted this on the side of Vic's van with soap
id: 36648
These guys were unloading huge arcade machines
id: 36649
I can't resist taking pictures of mirrors like this
id: 36650
A cloud indoors! This is where the air conditioned air met the outside, super humid air
id: 36651
Hall D, the concert. This was the last I saw of it
id: 36652
That's a lot of consoles
id: 36653
Alan and Amanda in Video 1
id: 36654
They flew the center channel behind the screen.
id: 36655
One of those funny infrared cameras
id: 36656
Craig helps Vic get hooked into DSL's gear
id: 36657
Working to get the scaling correct
id: 36658
"Hey Vic, point that light at me for a second"
id: 36659
The video server in all its glory
id: 36660
Time to head back to the hotel for the night. Our first showing starts tomorrow at 10am!
id: 36661
The Hilton staff were wearing Otakon pins
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