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Pictures taken on 07/27/12

id: 36662
We pushed my cot in between the two normal beds to make a MEGA BED
id: 36663
Master Shake!
id: 36664
An Aquabats cosplayer! That's a first
id: 36665
A great Twilight Spakle and Spike cosplay duo
id: 36666
Jeff is in the swing of things in Pub Ops
id: 36667
Don't eat Crabby!
id: 36668
F da po-lice
id: 36669
Pub Ops dynamic duo
id: 36670
That's not how microphones work, Jeff!
id: 36671
Who doesn't?
id: 36672
Jeff, international man of Macintosh
id: 36673
id: 36674
April O'Neil was interviewing people
id: 36675
Don't trip on the cables behind the screen in Video 1!
id: 36676
I don't know what the hell is up with these horse heads, but they are creepy and I saw a lot of them
id: 36677
id: 36678
OH-TA-KON, yepyepyepyep
id: 36679
Excellent Twilight Sparkle cosplay!
id: 36680
Shouldn't this guy be at CERN?
id: 36681
Ack! More creepy horse head people! The business suits make it way creepier
id: 36682
Sniper and sniper?
id: 36683
An amazing Angelic Layer cosplay troupe! I haven't seen an Angelic Layer cosplayer in a while
id: 36684
But who's inside??
id: 36685
We never figured out what this line was for
id: 36686
This year, just for fun, we customized all the ballot counters with pony art
id: 36687
Of course, mine had Trixie. The Great and Powerful Trixie cares not for ballot counting
id: 36688
I love the Derpy artwork. She wants to eat that cloud so bad!
id: 36689
Long exposures with the light wands? More on this later
id: 36690
Joy picked up some Panty and Stocking figures
id: 36691
id: 36692
Shin, the man who finally dethroned Chris as the Iron Editor
id: 36693
Chris! I liked his video better, but I'm not a judge. He had a good run!
id: 36694
What the hell is going on here??
id: 36695
We didn't have a real sign, so I made one
id: 36696
Quail Man!
id: 36697
A far too detailed and far too close up photo of Jefferson
id: 36698
Amanda got me some dark blue pony ears to replace the light blue ones I had been wearing.
id: 36699
Joy got some white ones for her Rarity cosplay. It's tough to see, but she actually dyed her hair purple as well.
id: 36700
And Amanda got some pink pony ears for her Pinkie Pie cosplay
id: 36701
I gave Amanda $20 to spend on "something I'd like" in the Dealer's Room. She did good!
id: 36702
The Vic walks alone?
id: 36703
An amazing Tali cosplay. The omni-tool is incredible!
id: 36704
This figure that Vic bought is the most anime thing I've seen all day
id: 36705
Alan loves juice boxes!
id: 36706
The Otakon 2012 AMV Department!
id: 36707
Haha, this is apparently Vic's impression of a creepy anime fan
id: 36708
Amanda's starting to lose energy
id: 36709
Finding creator badges
id: 36710
The only Shining Armor cosplay I saw all weekend
id: 36711
So many Portal cosplayers!
id: 36712
This one even had a potato!
id: 36713
All the Chell cosplayers
id: 36714
So many portal guns!
id: 36715
An incredible, and very creepy, Elfen Lied cosplay
id: 36716
id: 36717
Vic busts out his mind controlled robotic ears
id: 36718
This guy had a great costume but was kind of a jerk. He lead me to my theory that Heath Ledger didn't die, but just stayed in character and escaped
id: 36719
Various superheroes
id: 36720
Frantically setting up the AMV seating system while the previous show in Video 1 wraps up
id: 36721
There's a lot of people waiting to get in
id: 36722
Follow the blue light! Follow the red light!
id: 36723
We packed Video 1 solid! A great showing
id: 36724
This is how everyone was feeling after making it through the first showing of the AMV Contest
id: 36725
Let the counting begin!
id: 36726
So much couting to do
id: 36727
Someone voted for Jeff's intro as best in show again! That means we can use it again!
id: 36728
Count count count
id: 36729
Ack, more ballots??
id: 36730
So many ballots!
id: 36731
Joy put on her horn to match her ears
id: 36732
An incredible female Shepard cosplay! The detail on the armor up close was amazing
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