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Pictures taken on 07/28/12

id: 36733
Before heading out for the day, Vic stuffed Pinkie Pie in bed with Amanda. She looks like she's asleep, but she took the time to tell us off before we left
id: 36734
Hipster Chell??
id: 36735
Green tentacle monster?
id: 36736
id: 36737
I found myself on the wrong end of a megablaster!
id: 36738
Dr. Weird! GENTLEMEN!!
id: 36739
Oh no! Someone help this poor bender!
id: 36740
I love the look on Vic's face
id: 36741
Vic creepily takes a picture of Brakus through the curtain
id: 36742
Working the board in Video 1
id: 36743
Keeping an eye on the volume levels
id: 36744
There was a nonstop dance party in the lobby outside Video 1
id: 36745
id: 36746
One of those weird advertisement-laden superheroes from Tiger and Bunny
id: 36747
I'm not sure what this is, but I'm guessing it's some kind of Pokemon
id: 36748
Vic has his camera on? He must actually have a moment of free time
id: 36749
Trip to the hospital in three.. two....
id: 36750
"Why can't I hold all these ballots?"
id: 36751
Well hello..
id: 36752
Hell yeah!
id: 36753
I found a DayZ survivor! I made sure to say I was friendly so I didn't risk getting shot in the head
id: 36754
id: 36755
Orihime and Ulquiorra from Bleach
id: 36756
Harley Quinn with a tiny Joker
id: 36757
I decided to interpret this as a vote for next year's 14th video, since we only had 37 videos this year
id: 36758
Taking away video-bending?
id: 36759
One of our dedicated gophers counts like there's no tomorrow
id: 36760
Our counting gopher team, plus Jefferson
id: 36761
This gopher jumped for joy that we finished so far ahead of schedule
id: 36762
id: 36763
It looks like he fell from the upper level, but he's just breakdancing
id: 36764
Shin edits in Iron Editor
id: 36765
Vic with the Iron Editor mascots. This photo was Amanda's idea
id: 36766
Since Omar and Jeff are the only ones who see the Guidebook feedback, they spent all weekend trolling each other
id: 36767
This guy's Data cosplay was great. He stayed in character the whole time
id: 36768
Another "I don't know who this is but they were already posting" photos
id: 36769
A pretty clever costume!
id: 36770
Keep firing, assholes!
id: 36771
id: 36772
Iron Editor continues
id: 36773
Panel 1 was almost entirely full
id: 36774
Peter hosted again this year
id: 36775
Erika slipped in with a borrowed badge. I won't tell!
id: 36776
Look at all the people!
id: 36777
Chris puts the finishing touches on his video
id: 36778
Peter was handing out Gushers as consolation prizes to the people who lost the anime challenges
id: 36779
Error-chan and Render-chan
id: 36780
Lots of people were in line for Fan Parodies
id: 36781
This was supposed to be Amanda and Vic giving each other stinkeyes, but Amanda kept laughing
id: 36782
There we go.. sort of.
id: 36783
The Otakon president's scooter
id: 36784
Saturday is done, time to go get some food!
id: 36785
We met Erika at Hooters
id: 36786
Telling funny stories
id: 36787
Erika and Joy
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