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Pictures taken on 07/29/12

id: 36788
Some prankster put a bunch of soap in the fountain!
id: 36789
And of course, people were playing with the foam
id: 36790
Memes have infiltrated Con-Ops!
id: 36791
id: 36792
The last AMV showing is done and the server is packed up. Time to hit the Dealer's Room!
id: 36793
Kyubey sees all
id: 36794
They had an actual stripper pole in the Dealer's room, with Panty and Stocking cosplayers dancing on it
id: 36795
This is Jessie, a friend of Amanda's and professional cosplayer
id: 36796
Great costume!
id: 36797
id: 36798
They also had a Stocking cosplayer
id: 36799
These guys were in a really intense Pokemon battle. That Team Rocket cosplayer looks like he could really be a Team Rocket thug
id: 36800
Peter Beagle, the author of The Last Unicorn was at the con signing books
id: 36801
I got a copy of the art book / comic for Beany, who is a huge Last Unicorn fan
id: 36802
Yeah... chances this is a girl? Low.
id: 36803
The book I got Beany!
id: 36804
The lure of a mind controlled device was too much and I finally broke down and got the Necomimi ears
id: 36805
Light graffiti?
id: 36806
Vic meditates in a pile of light
id: 36807
Dragonball style fighting!
id: 36808
Amanda and Joy square off in a battle for the fate of humanity.... or just for AMV Ops
id: 36809
All powerful Amanda!
id: 36810
Vic shows off his laser eyes. The real reason he wears those giant glasses is to keep his laser powers in check
id: 36811
Con feedback panel!
id: 36812
I finally noticed that Amanda's staff picture was one I took last year!
id: 36813
This guy was pretty funny. He wanted "Otakon: The DVD"
id: 36814
Waiting in the loading dock for Vic with the van
id: 36815
In the end, we got permission to wheel our stuff through the Hilton and just loaded up in the Hilton parking garage. Time to push all this across the entire BCC!
id: 36816
Can you tell Vic picked out this outfit for Amanda to wear to the Dead Dog?
id: 36817
The BCC!
id: 36818
id: 36819
This staffer was doing skateboard tricks all the way to the staff photo
id: 36820
Those boots definitely didn't help Amanda's feet
id: 36821
Amanda and Vic: boldly looking into the Otakon future
id: 36822
Yes, the ears are goofy, but they're fun and it's not like I'm wearing them to work! Cons only!
id: 36823
Staffers gathered around for the Otakon staff photo
id: 36824
Vic's enthusiastic waving caught Amanda off guard
id: 36825
Staffers everywhere!
id: 36826
Scott takes the staff photo
id: 36827
I ran out to get my own version of it, and ended up taking Scott's camera so he could be in the photo too
id: 36828
Announcing that the Dead Dog is at the Baltimore Aquarium!
id: 36829
Everyone, to the aquarium!
id: 36830
The crowd of Otakon staffers, many in costume, drew several strange looks
id: 36831
Vic can't wait to eat and drink
id: 36832
The nerds are coming!
id: 36833
Neat waterfall
id: 36834
Vic checks out the waterfall
id: 36835
Scott was waiting by the entrance to thank everyone for their contribution to Otakon
id: 36836
id: 36837
Exploring the aquarium
id: 36838
I loved the bubble tubes
id: 36839
id: 36840
id: 36841
Sting rays!
id: 36842
It's neat seeing how they swim
id: 36843
Omar and Liz check out the sunset
id: 36844
This guy really wanted to try out my robot ears
id: 36845
Omar looks at some of the photos he took over the weekend
id: 36846
Amanda's just happy to be off her feet
id: 36847
Jeff tries not to think about all the signs that still have to be packed up
id: 36848
That's not how you use forks!
id: 36849
Liz ia a genius! Since all the food was on the first floor, she smuggled a bunch to the top floor in these plate UFOs
id: 36850
We made our own buffet!
id: 36851
Liz had to try on the ears
id: 36852
Checking out how they look
id: 36853
Some staffers on one of the strange moving ramps
id: 36854
Big sting rays!
id: 36855
id: 36856
This room was a lot darker than it looks in this photo
id: 36857
The clearest picture I got of a fish the whole night
id: 36858
This guy makes dumb faces
id: 36859
id: 36860
Vic the fish?
id: 36861
A new album cover photo?
id: 36862
Amanda says the shark teeth were put in backwards
id: 36863
Amanda convinced me to watch her favorite movie, The Last Unicorn. It was "80s as shit" but pretty good!
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