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Pictures taken on 09/27/12

id: 36936
The rental car was a lot smaller than it looked
id: 36937
So was the hotel door
id: 36938
Amanda opted for many small samples instead of one normal bottle of booze
id: 36939
This is blurry, but if you notice.. Vic accidentaly wore his apple jacket.. while wearing his "genius" shirt
id: 36940
Vlad's crew. What's up with the guy at the bottom left?
id: 36941
Elevators and the landmark the congoers call the "Big Ice.. well.. you know"
id: 36942
Vic and Amanda wait around for the Editor's Dinner
id: 36943
Omar just wants to eat
id: 36944
Vic's a Canon genius
id: 36945
Amanda needs a cupcake on her head
id: 36946
Omar's all derped out
id: 36947
That's better
id: 36948
Omnipresent Jefferson is apparently staff at AWA!
id: 36949
Dozens of AMV Editors at the Editor's Dinner. How did I sneak in?
id: 36950
Omar doesn't know what's up with my wide angle adapter
id: 36951
Nikons are supposed to be good in low light conditions, right?
id: 36952
The Pony Anthology team!
id: 36953
Vic ordered the mother of all burritos
id: 36954
Mother of god..
id: 36955
I called this my "refridgerator"
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