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Pictures taken on 09/28/12

id: 36956
Enjoy it folks. The one and only photo you'll ever see of my failed Great and Powerful Trixie cosplay. I didn't wear it for long, opting instead for "cosplay support guy"
id: 36957
Let's hit the con floor
id: 36958
Omar practices his pimp look
id: 36959
"Don't make me use my cane!"
id: 36960
Posing for the first of many photos
id: 36961
Time to head to the VAT?
id: 36962
To the VAT!
id: 36963
Matt Wagner somehow ends up in Omar's pimp gear
id: 36964
This guy was clearly staying in character
id: 36965
Time for a photo shoot of Vic, Amanada, and Omar's amazing costumes!
id: 36966
Applejack and Rainbow Dash feuding once again!
id: 36967
Omar couldn't keep up that face
id: 36968
Vic's spiffy Applejack costume. In which he defaced a somewhat pricey actual suit
id: 36969
Amanda's amazing Pinkie Pie costume. Sure to blow out the color saturation in any photo
id: 36970
And Omar's incredible Rainbow Dash pimp costume. The cloak alone is a feat!
id: 36971
A classy bunch of ponies
id: 36972
So much color!
id: 36973
Omar's actually only wearing one ear, since the hat is tilted
id: 36974
Scary statues!
id: 36975
They were freaking me out
id: 36976
I hear they're from Doctor Who?
id: 36977
Posing for more photos!
id: 36978
Eventually I was tasked with carrying (and operating) Vic and Omar's cameras. It was fun but looked ridiculous
id: 36979
Vic approves of this photo
id: 36980
Even the Otakon folks had to get pictures! Sidenote, I really wish I had one of those jerseys :(
id: 36981
Well well well, look who made it after all!
id: 36982
Brian, aka SSGWNBTD
id: 36983 SSGWNBTB? Some Stupid Guy With Nothing Better To.... Be?
id: 36984
He's the angriest gamer you ever heard..
id: 36985
Escalator.. elevator. Escalator.. elevator
id: 36986
This guy really had the Bane accent down, but he mostly only said "absolutely"
id: 36987
Vic hides his camera
id: 36988
Ah! It's one of those flying shark balloons!
id: 36989
Hey, I finally got to see the Pikachu car! It only took about 14 years..
id: 36990
Princess Celestia! I'm honored
id: 36991
This costume honestly kind of scared me. I left shortly after taking it
id: 36992
As a fun momento to ultimate AMV Hell fan Mel, I got the original creators Brian and Alan to sign a small piece of canvas for her!
id: 36993
The room was packed for AMV Hell 6. Unfortunately it was plagued with technical issues. Looks like Vic's netstream wins another one
id: 36994
Sadly, the AMV community lost a great one in the previous year. Pat Bohnet, aka "Quu", shocked the AMV world with his untimely passing. I was looking forward to meeting him, and he will be missed.
id: 36995
Lots of cosplayers wandering the lobby floor
id: 36996
Vic had to admit defeat in his epic struggle with the hotel TV. He couldn't hack it!
id: 36997
Omar's still working on the Iron Editor intro with like 22 hours to go..
id: 36998
A closeup of the canvas Brian and Alan signed for Mel
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