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Pictures taken on 09/29/12

id: 36999
It just wouldn't be a trip south of the Mason-Dixon line without stopping by a Waffle House
id: 37000
These crowd shots are fun. I highly recommend opening it in the highest resolution and just looking around at all the strange little moments happening
id: 37001
Anime conventions are strange places
id: 37002
This guy had a pretty sweet GLaDOS rig mounted on a steadycam arm
id: 37003
Closeup of GLaDOS. It looks like it has some kind of camera in it?
id: 37004
If you look closely, you can see Seras' red contacts!
id: 37005
This Derpy is impressive, but really weird
id: 37006
I like Amanda's funny little hat
id: 37007
Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle!
id: 37008
Blair has come trick-or-treating!
id: 37009
Snake was pretty obvious to spot sneaking through the lobby
id: 37010
GLaDOS and Chell have reconciled!
id: 37011
I don't even know what to think of this guy.. some kind of.. Cookie Monster Saiyan?
id: 37012
I think we found the pony photoshoot..
id: 37013
Pinkie Pie as depicted in the fanfic "Cupcakes". Poor Rainbow Dash
id: 37014
The Pinkie Pies are coming out in force!
id: 37015
The pony group grows
id: 37016
id: 37017
So much color! Everyone is so excited!
id: 37018
Haruko has learned to play the ukelele!
id: 37019
Pinkie Pies with a Rainbow Dash center
id: 37020
Pinkie Pie isn't scared of Slenderman!
id: 37021
id: 37022
Someone actually made the felt checklist!
id: 37023
Meanwhile, ten feet away from the explosion of colorful ponies.. another group!
id: 37024
Omar makes his big entrance
id: 37025
Brohoofs were exchanged
id: 37026
Rainbow Dashes unite!
id: 37027
Bloody Pinkie Pie is kind of freaking me out
id: 37028
Pinkie Pie freaking out!
id: 37029
id: 37030
Hey they found a fourth
id: 37031
And of course.. the Fluttershies are.. shy
id: 37032
If there are three Rarities, are they still rare?
id: 37033
Showing off in typical Rainbow Dash fashion
id: 37034
"So awesome!"
id: 37035
Applejack group!
id: 37036
The whole Apple family!
id: 37037
So many cowboy hats
id: 37038
Call in the Twilights!
id: 37039
Twilight Sparkle learns about the magic of friendship. Or at least pretends to for a photoshoot
id: 37040
Enter Discord
id: 37041
A very spiffy Discord!
id: 37042
Villains assemble!
id: 37043
Of course, the Great and Powerful Trixie is front and center!
id: 37044
Miscellaneous characters.. and Dr. Who?
id: 37045
Well.. ok, of course this.. exists.
id: 37046
Rainbow Dash soaks in the Pinkie Pies
id: 37047
Mane 6!
id: 37048
Another Mane 6!
id: 37049
Yet another Mane 6!
id: 37050
Gala mode ponies!
id: 37051
Vic, Amanda, and Omar really nailed their costumes
id: 37052
Rainbow Dashes vs Applejacks!
id: 37053
One more group of Fluttershies
id: 37054
id: 37055
Omar suddenly appeared above the shoot in the elevator
id: 37056
Oh no! Shining Armor is dead! Twilight is so sad
id: 37057
Why is Rainbow Dash helping the vaillains??
id: 37058
Massive pony cosplay group!
id: 37059
Omar and Discord hanging out in the front
id: 37060
Closeup of the group
id: 37061
Everyone get Discord!
id: 37062
A ton of people were taking photos
id: 37063
Fluttershy uncharacteristically has a chainsaw.. and is going after Discord!
id: 37064
Poor discord
id: 37065
Oh he's OK
id: 37066
That's an excellent Bane!
id: 37067
Well.. so much for Rainbow Dash
id: 37068
Bulma has a pretty awesome Dragonball. What's Carmen Sandiego's problem though?
id: 37069
Totally normal
id: 37070
Rainbow Dash loves reading about Darnig Do
id: 37071
Pony siblings! Probably not really though
id: 37072
Omar gives out sugar cubes to his "fillies". Also Discord. (Applejack in the front has the sugar cubes)
id: 37073
Amanda got a sugar cube!
id: 37074
Posing by the fountains!
id: 37075
Vic couldn't resist ruining Amanda's photo
id: 37076
Classy bunch
id: 37077
Yeah uh.... moving on.
id: 37078
Omar surveys the scene
id: 37079
Posing for photos for other people!
id: 37080
Hey it's that girl from Madoka
id: 37081
What's on Facebook?
id: 37082
Yikes, that is a lot of fake blood
id: 37083
Hanging out on the hill
id: 37084
I'm not sure what Omar is doing here
id: 37085
Hey! Go Silver Snakes!
id: 37086
A Minecraft crew! Someone get that diamond block!
id: 37087
Talim! The only Soul Caliber character I know how to play
id: 37088
Blowing bubbles!
id: 37089
Cosplayers aren't the only things worthy of photos
id: 37090
What.. is going on here?
id: 37091
Vic's ready to hit the convention floor. Hopefully he remembers to take his lens cap off
id: 37092
Render Chan poses with my new Space Core plush
id: 37093
Getting the Iron Editor machines ready
id: 37094
Omar loves Iron Editor!
id: 37095
This year's theme is AMV Hell! Brian More vs..
id: 37096
Alan Clontz! The two original AMV Hell creators!
id: 37097
Space! Space, gotta go to space
id: 37098
The view from the judge's table
id: 37099
Brakus mans the board
id: 37100
Todd hosted Iron Editor
id: 37101
Helping choose audience members
id: 37102
Doing a drawing challenge! They had to start drawing one theme and then a second theme was added after several minutes. The first theme was "cats"
id: 37103
Drawing anime catgirls!
id: 37104
id: 37105
The audience watching videos
id: 37106
The competitors continue to edit
id: 37107
The second theme is.. metal!
id: 37108
Cats plus metal equals.. this?
id: 37109
How's the editing going, Vic?
id: 37110
Cats plus anime plus metal?
id: 37111
A competition to eat Skittles with chopsicks. My strategy would've been to smash them all up into one big lump and then eat that
id: 37112
This guy didn't know how to use chopsicks
id: 37113
Oh Brakus. What are you up to?
id: 37114
Alan won!
id: 37115
The creators of Pony Anthology gather for the Anthology showing
id: 37116
Todd poses with the pony group. His suit is secretly a Spike cosplay
id: 37117
That's one big diamond
id: 37118
This is what my novelty disposable camera looks like if you remove the outer cardboard box.
id: 37119
Zelda with a Super Scope. Can't argue with that
id: 37120
More people should read this..
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