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Pictures taken on 09/30/12

id: 37121
I really wanted this.. but i didn't want to spend $300
id: 37122
Sea of manga
id: 37123
Vic bought the Kyubey figure in this creepy box
id: 37124
Inspecting the figure before purchasing
id: 37125
Amanda's scared
id: 37126
An excellent Eris costume (female Discord)
id: 37127
Bye Eris!
id: 37128
Korra sure is dressed warmly for Atlanta!
id: 37129
Jessica Rabbit isn't strictly anime, but she's got a great costume!
id: 37130
Mission accomplished?
id: 37131
I couldn't NOT sit in this!
id: 37132
Omar had to try too
id: 37133
With a little wiggling he actually made it
id: 37134
"I can see forever!"
id: 37135
The latest addition to Vic's extensive figure collection.
id: 37136
It may have been expensive, but it's pretty impressive!
id: 37137
How apt. Kyubey eats money.
id: 37138
Now with a creepy red light
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