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Pictures taken on 10/26/12

id: 37153
Of course, I had to go with a space theme
id: 37154
Kevin is Dr. House. Though I called him out on the fact that House doesn't normally wear a lab coat!
id: 37155
Shawn's costume was "guy who brought nice scotch instead of buying a costume"
id: 37156
id: 37157
To infinity.. and beyond!
id: 37158
Why's Shawn so sad?
id: 37159
Phil's costume was terrifying
id: 37160
Steve had all of the Halloween episodes of the Simpsons playing on shuffle
id: 37161
I think Phil's costume is himself in a few decades
id: 37162
Steve was a monkey
id: 37163
A lawyer AND a doctor!
id: 37164
id: 37165
Oh god, the costumes are merging
id: 37166
This is the scariest thing in the world
id: 37167
The stethoscope actually worked
id: 37168
Dustin enjoys his first free weekend in years
id: 37169
Phil absconds with my iPad
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