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Pictures taken on 11/11/12

id: 37321
The new hotel could best be described as labyrinthine
id: 37322
A flower? From me?? Thanks Enderwoman!
id: 37323
Omnipresent Jefferson strikes again!
id: 37324
Tearing down the VAT
id: 37325
Vic tackled the difficult task of taking down the server
id: 37326
Brakus kicked in and isn't even on staff!
id: 37327
Looking through the leftover prizes to decide what Vlad gets for his winning Upbeat video
id: 37328
Teardown went smoothly!
id: 37329
Vic wraps up VAT teardown
id: 37330
Alan is practicing for the chair rodeo
id: 37331
Bryce checks his iPhone
id: 37332
Amanda's ready for the staff party
id: 37333
Omar checks out the empty rooms
id: 37334
Amanda got me a Trixie figure!
id: 37335
Telling stories at the staff dinner
id: 37336
Omar smuggled a lot of bread out of the dinner
id: 37337
It's not the whole department, but it's a good chunk! The AUSA 2012 AMV Theatre Staff!
id: 37338
Amanda poses with the crazy bear thing outside of the Marriott!
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