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Pictures taken on 06/24/13

id: 37889
Black light underground Canadian minigolf!
id: 37890
Hey it's that giant ferris wheel
id: 37891
Look at it ferris.
id: 37892
Ahhh, we're in it!
id: 37893
The non-black light above ground Canadian minigolf.
id: 37894
Inside the giant ferris wheel
id: 37895
Cool lights on the falls
id: 37896
Lights everywhere
id: 37897
Clifton Hill
id: 37898
Such structure
id: 37899
Wheel of Canada, turn turn turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn
id: 37900
Rainbow falls!
id: 37901
The lights are pretty cool
id: 37902
They were red for a long time
id: 37903
Blood falls
id: 37904
Super long exposure on rainbow falls!
id: 37905
So many colors
id: 37906
The much talked about "Supermoon"
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