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Pictures taken on 06/27/13

id: 38347
Time to get started?
id: 38348
Greg's here!
id: 38349
Aunt Teresa and Uncle Chris know we've got one hell of a night ahead of us
id: 38350
Looking over the menu at Ruth Chris, a steak house in Manhattan
id: 38351
Greg loves pictures
id: 38352
Much beer was had
id: 38353
Is the steak here yet?
id: 38354
Ahhh, there we go
id: 38355
Now where?
id: 38356
I love this shot. It looks like the future or something!
id: 38357
New York City!
id: 38358
To Kenka?
id: 38359
Greg snapped this amazing shot of the Empire State Building out the window of a taxi
id: 38360
id: 38361
id: 38362
I want to know if they bought all those from the "used creepy baby doll" store
id: 38363
Insane tanuki
id: 38364
Waiting to get into Kenka
id: 38365
The bouncers outside the bar around the corner from Kenka were pretty cool
id: 38366
id: 38367
Still waiting to get into Kenka!
id: 38368
We were all having a pretty good time
id: 38369
Busted taking a photo
id: 38370
Ahhh, see??
id: 38371
Finally inside Kenka, let's check out the menu
id: 38372
Lots of Japanese
id: 38373
EXTREMELY dry! We insisted on extremely dry.
id: 38374
Wake up and smell the sake
id: 38375
Also beer. Gotta have more beer
id: 38376
Busted taking another picture
id: 38377
Raff kept yelling at me to not take his picture. Which, of course, made it more fun to take his picture
id: 38378
"Hmm.. sake needs to be more dry.."
id: 38379
The chilled glasses were perfect for the insanely hot night
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